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WWE Halloween Costumes: John Cena, The Rock, Undertaker, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara

WWE being the most hit entertainment television show is loved by everyone and shown in every corner of the world. No one is unfamiliar with it. It is a small wonder that all the adults and kids have a craze to become like their favorite characters of this show by wearing WWE Costumes on this Halloween. So if you are one of the enthusiastic followers of this show and wish to become like these WWE champions on this Halloween then don`t worry. With the help of few creative strokes, you will witness your ingenious transformation into your favorite WWE character.

John Cena Costume

WWE John Cena Costume

Well who is not familiar with this wrestler? The most hit character of this show, who has won the heavy weight championship many times. John Cena costume is featuring muscular arms attached to the jumpsuit. His signature slogans “You Can’t See Me” and “Never Give Up” are printed on the front and back of the shirt. This costume is perfect for any John Cena fan. His customized hat completes this fearsome costume and you will be ready to take on the world this Halloween. This costume comes in two sizes; one for adult and one for the children.

The Rock Costume

WWE The Rock Costume

Many young boys cannot wait to get into the muscled costume of this wrestler on Halloween eve. With some moves and this costume you can easily transform yourself in this character. You surely will look as great as The Rock.

Undertaker Costume

WWE Undertaker Costume

When the lights shut off and the bell rings, you know that the Lord of Darkness is about to enter the ring. The Undertaker will walk away with the Championship Belt. If you’re gearing up for a Match, you need to challenge evil and that means challenging the Undertaker. Wear Undertaker`s Grand Heritage Costume and take on other big wrestlers like Mcmahon and Shawn Michaels. Remember, the belt belongs to your waist.

Kane Costume

WWE Kane Costume
Kane Costume

Is your boy ready to raise some hell on this Halloween? We know very well that he spends all of his time dreaming about being a WWE superstar. So this Halloween, let’s give him the chance to be one of the most legendary ring performers of all time. Kane does whatever it takes to win in the ring. His costume comes with a shirt, printed pants, elastic waistband, shoe cover to foot bottom, foam mask and single glove. Of all the WWE Costumes, this costume is a total knockout.

Daniel Bryan Costume

WWE Daniel Bryan Costume
Daniel Bryan Costume

This costume will surely be a dream for many young boys who are scrambling to get dressed into the muscled costume of this wrestler on the day of Halloween. So what are you waiting for? Get dressed as this character and enter into the Halloween party with a bang.

Rey Mysterio Costume

WWE Rey Mysterio Costume
Rey Mysterio Costume

Is your son a huge wrestling fan? If yes, then he’ll have a blast in this Rey Mysterio costume on the day of Halloween. His Halloween time will mostly be spent on showing off his muscular costume. The hood and pants included in this costume are going to make your boy look awesome.

Sin Cara Costume

WWE Sin Cara Costume
Sin Cara Costume

The name Sin Cara means “faceless” in Spanish. He actually does have a face but he just wrestles with it covered by a mask. Wear this Boys Deluxe WWE Sin Cara Costume and you will become the wrestling hero. Just make sure that you practice all the right moves and styles before getting into the ring.

So boys brace yourselves for a wrestle-some Halloween by getting into any of these super-cool WWE Costumes.

WWE Halloween Costumes

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