Wonder Woman Costume 2019

Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes 2019

We all love superheroes, and every little girl looks up to strong heroines. Lucky enough there are several female superheroes that young girls can look up to. The love for these heroes has no age limit, and adults also look up to them.

It does not come as a surprise that superhero costumes are popular for Halloween. For this Halloween, why not try out a variation of the Wonder Woman costume?

Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman made her debut in the All-Star Comics #8 back in 1941. Since then, the iconic heroine grew in popularity reaching the ranks of Superman and Batman. Wonder Woman then appeared in a series of animated movies for years to follow.

Wonder Woman Costumes

It was not until the 70s that Wonder Woman had a recognizable reference through Lynda Carter. Come in Gal Godot taking on the role in Batman v Superman, and we now have a modern reference of the Amazonian princess. The Wonder Woman costume has gone through reinventions ever since she made her debut in the 40s.

1940s Wonder Woman Costume

The 1940s Wonder Woman donned a patriotic look featuring stars, stripes, and a bald eagle on the bodice. The costume appeared to comprise of a skirt that was later revealed to be culottes, a strapless red top, and red boots. Eventually, Wonder Woman’s costume adopted skin-tight shorts and the red crop-top style bodice.

Wonder Woman’s costume changed to skin-tight shorts and the red crop-top style bodice. Back then, the outfit choice landed Wonder Woman in several banned book lists citing that she was “not dressed sufficiently.” At some point in the 40s, the Wonder Woman costume included Greek-inspired strappy and heeled sandals. Her shorts also grew shorter in length.

The 1950s to 1970s Wonder Woman Costume

The 50s saw the Wonder Woman costume swap out the sandals for pumps. In the 60s, the outfit transformed her shorts into briefs. The pumps also got swapped out for the red boots. Later on, Wonder Woman was stripped of her powers, and she often appeared donning mod and combat inspired civilian clothing.

In the 70s, Wonder Woman got back her costume, and she now spotted a gold belt as well as blue bracelets. The blue bracelets were swapped out for to silver hued ones, and the red boots featured white straps.

The 1980s to 1990s Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman received a new chest emblem with a WW logo. She also spotted dramatic lengthened hair as well as a tiara upgrade. The boots swapped out the heels for a flat style. She also received a significant reduction in the length of her briefs.

At some point, the size of her silver bracelets, tiara, belt, and bikini were increased. Her chest emblem also transformed into a more angular shape.

The 2000s to Recent Wonder Woman Costume

Since the 2000s, the Wonder Woman Costume has gone through several complete transformations. At some point, she has spotted leggings instead of her signature briefs. The leggings did not last, and her costume went back to black briefs and black boots. A Justice League-inspired black, gold and red power suit, and

Wonder Woman Adult Deluxe Costume

In 2015, she took on a Justice League-inspired black, gold and red power suit look. In 2016, she donned a Xena: Warrior Princess-inspired costume as portrayed by Gal Godot.

With this historical selection of Wonder Woman costume ideas, you can dominate this Halloween wearing one of them!

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