Trolls Costumes for Halloween 2019: Poppy, Branch

Trolls Costumes

Few animations have succeeded in presenting a lot of pomp and color like the Trolls film. Almost every child has watched the multi-colored collectibles where Perky Troll Poppy seeks the assistance of misery Branch to lend a hand in the search for Tuff haired happy. In addition to glaring bright colors, the cartoon also has incredible head bumping songs.

Thanks to its widespread popularity, trolls costume look like they are going to be a hit during the Halloween season for a very long time.

Princess Poppy

The 3D computer animated musical fantasy romantic comedy takes viewers to the Trolls Universe. These are small creatures who are always in a perpetual state of singing, happiness, hugging, and dancing all day.

Kids Poppy Costume
Kids Poppy Costume

Sadly the Bergens, which are large unhappy creatures, discover them and soon notice that they can achieve temporary happiness by devouring a troll.  They put the trolls in a cage and hold annual festivals to eat them.

Luckily, the Trolls with King Peppy as their leader, his daughter, and princes’ poppy escape via an underground tunnel on the say that a young Prince Gristle Jr. was supposed to consume his first troll.

King Gristle

Gristle Sr. becomes furious about the escape and ends up banishing the chief who was responsible for preparing Trollstice (the annual festival for feasting on the Trolls).

The Trolls, on the other hand, could not be happier, and two decades later, King Peppy’s daughter who is an extremely happy pink troll organizes a huge celebration in honor of the escape. She does this despite the warnings and fears of the Branch the gray troll.


Branch has concerns about the party because he feels as though large festivals are likely to attract their biggest enemies who are the Bergers. His fears come to pass because the Chief of the Bergers spots the fireworks and swiftly moves in to capture some of the Trolls.

Kids Branch Costume
Kids Branch Costume

Poppy manages to hide and soon discovers that no one wants to venture into Berger land to rescue their captured friends. It makes her sad as she organizes a solo mission. Branch reluctantly joins her because he knows that she will not succeed alone.

Cloud Guy

Before getting to their destination, Poppy and Branch have to go through some tunnels one that leads to the Trolltree and perhaps their death.

Branch has to high give cloud Guy to get the right directions, but he is not in the mood for this; thus, only does a fist bump which makes Branch Mad enough to chase Cloud Guy.

In this pursuit, they stumble on their destination, i.e., the Troll Tree. The duo discovers that it was the night when the Trollstice would be held where they would have to witness the death of their friends.

Kids Trolls Dress
Kids Trolls Dress

On a mission to free the Trolls, Poppy and Branch discover that the guard who is a scullery maid is attracted to Gristle Jr. They use this to their benefit where they strike a deal telling her that is she helped them she would finally get a date with the king’s son.

Despite many challenges where the two find out that one of their friends was setting up the Trolls to become Berger’s food, they get a way to escape after Brach confessing that he loves Poppy something that helps to bring out the color that has once faded.

Trolls Costumes present an incredibly extensive selection that people can explore during Halloween. They are an excellent choice as they have a way of letting true colors shine through as you feel immense happiness flowing through.

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