The Purge Election Year Costumes: Purge Halloween Costumes

The Purge Election Year Halloween

The Purge Election Year Halloween Mask and Costumes: Blind Justice Mask, Snaggletooth Mask, Deathocracy Mask, Smiling Mask, Smeared Mask

Why is there the need to wear costumes at every Halloween if you don’t want to? If you are not willing to wear the whole attire or you are running out of cash then these The Purge: Election Year Masks are best for you to wear on this Halloween with much reasonable prices. You don’t need to spend a huge amount on the whole outfits. Just simply visit our websites and make your Halloween special.

Deathocracy Mask

The Purge Election Year Deathocracy Mask 2016
Deathocracy Mask

Deathocracy mask gives a whole new meaning to political correctness with its horrifying look. On first look, it seems as if this mask has been carved out of the real human skull. Wearing this mask on the eve of Halloween might freak the hell out of your friends. Don’t forget to add some deadly moves and styles to get into this horrifying character.

Snaggletooth Mask

The Purge Election Year Snaggletooth Mask 2016
Snaggletooth Mask

Add a frightening touch to any costume that you wear with this scary Snaggletooth Mask. This mask seems to be made up of bone. With an evil toothy grin and a fake blood splatter on the left side, this mask makes you look like a Scary Character. Just wear this mask and you will be ready to take over the world this Halloween.

Blind Justice Mask

The Purge Election Year Blind Justice Mask 2016
Blind Justice Mask

Scare all of your friends this time by reminding them that justice is blind, with the help of this mask. This mask looks as though blood is dripping from the top of the head which provides quite a horrible view. There are green crosses over the eyes and mouth, giving the mask a terrifying glow. On the other hand, these crosses also depict the blindness of Justice.  This surely is a scary mask that will make you look creepy.

Smiling Mask

The Purge Election Year Smiling Man Mask 2016
Smiling Man Mask

Sometimes a smile can be creepy and terrifying. Take this Smiling Man Mask and leave a bloody impression to everyone in the party. Eerie grin and raised eyebrows make this mask a truly disturbing character. This mask will suit you on all types of costumes that you are planning to wear on this Halloween.

Smeared Mask

The Purge Election Year Smeared Mask 2016
Smeared Mask

Frighten the people at Halloween while wearing the Smeared Mask. This creepy mask features smeared painted detail for an increasingly haunting look. That will go on any costume that you wear on the day of Halloween. Just put some styles and moves to make your character look good.


If you are unwilling to spend on the whole costume, then try out these masks on this Halloween. This will help you to get into the character easily and you will have a great fun without having to spend on the whole outfit.

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