Teletubbies Costumes: Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, Po

Teletubbies Halloween Costumes

Teletubbies Costumes – Teletubbies Halloween Costumes

Halloween is all about having fun and displaying the childish desires of your heart through your costume appearance. If you want to do something childish this Halloween then these Teletubbies costumes are going to bring out the child in you. Whether you are planning to surprise your kiddo with his favorite character or want to create some fun at your friend’s Halloween gathering; these Teletubbies costumes are best for you.

Tinky Winky Costume

Teletubbies Tinky Winky Costume 2016

The unique aspect of Teletubbies is that that carry Televisions on their bellies. So if you want to be a Fun-loving Teletubby then this Tinky Winky costume is equipped with all the essentials to provide you with. All you need to do is to make an order for your piece and let the fun began. If you are worried about the size then feel free because this Tinky Winky costume is available in easily-fittable size for all body types. Available in bright purple color, this Tinky Winky costume comes with a cute jumpsuit and easy-to-carry headpiece. The boot covers available with this costume will incur special effects on your appearance.

Laa-Laa Costume

Teletubbies Laa-Laa Costume 2016

If you think Teletubbies Costume will look good only on men then think again because this Laa-Laa costume is meant for all the female Teletubbies fans. If your baby is totally in love with Teletubbies then this Halloween, you can surprise him by dressing up in Laa-Laa Costume. Available in cute yellow color, this Laa-Laa Costume comes with a thunder-bolt shaped antenna. Laa-Laa is famous for her nice, melodious and fun-loving nature. So if you want to make kids fall in love with your Halloween costume then this Laa-Laa costume is the only thing you need. Laa-Laa costume is available at very reasonable prices and comes with a head piece and boot covers.

Dipsy Costume

Teletubbies Dipsy Costume 2016

Dipsy do act like a stubborn Teletubbies but he also has a nice side. So this Halloween if you want to reveal your positive and negative side at the same time, then this costume will be perfect for you. Available in cucumber green color, this costume will reveal your playful side to your family.

Po Costume

Teletubbies Po Costume 2016

If you are thinking about becoming a sugar-coated Teletubbies then this Po costume will make kids go mad over you. Po is considered to be the most famous Teletubbies due to her extremely loving nature and bubble blowing act.

Teletubbies Costumes

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