Suicide Squad Costumes: Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes

Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes

Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes for Kids & Adults: Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Katana, Diablo Varsity

Suicide Squad has hit the cinema screens with such a strong force that the predictions are this Halloween will turn out to be a Suicide Squad event. Will Smith lovers belonging to all age groups are making plans to adopt the attire of a super-villain for the upcoming Halloween. So if you still haven’t decided about your Halloween attire then the trending costumes of this Suicide Squad characters will be a great option for you.

Joker Costume

Suicide Squad Joker Costume

The Joker is the most ironic Character. If you are eager to become a Villain at the Halloween party then this attire is best for you. You will surely be the most iconic villain in the entire party.  The Joker Costume is designed in an extremely interesting way, consisting of a muscular skin-colour top, purple long jacket, black trousers and a customised cane. If you want then you can also get the customised joker shoes and wig to complete your attire but do keep in mind that these two accessories are not included in the costume package.

Harley Quinn Costume

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn is the female villain character in the film. Most of the girls want to become a Villain on the day of Halloween. So if you want be a bad gal and look sexy at the same time then this costume will provide you a perfect look. This costume consists of polyester sexy-looking body suit, a blue and red jacket and skin-colored see-through tights. You can also get the Harley Quinn wig to complete your sexy villainous attire but its not included in the costume package.

Deadshot Costume

Suicide SquadDeadsho Costume
Deadsho Costume

Inspired from the real Deadshot costume, this costume comes with deadly weapons. So this Halloween, if you want to turn into the deadliest super-villain yet then this costume is the only thing that you will need. Available in four pieces, this costume includes customized Deadshot mask, belt, black pants and a top.

Killer Croc Costume

Suicide Squad Killer Croc Costume

If you have been searching for some reptile-like attire then this Killer Croc Costume will definitely put an end to your search. This costume comes with a headpiece, a hood and a pair of pants that will look great on young boys who would be excited to wear such attire.

Katana Costume

Katana Costume

While boys will be attracted towards the male villain roles, most girls will love the sexy and dangerous attire of Katana. The jumpsuits for the Katana costume come with only a jacket. Surely this costume is the strongest character.

Diablo Varsity Costume

Diablo Varsity Costume

Well Diablo is the most serious character and the main character of this super-villain adventure. Most boys will love to wear this costume. This costume comes with a white t-shirt and a jacket with blue sleeves.

Suicide Squad Accessories

Suicide Squad Accessories

If you think that adopting the entire look of a super-villain will make you look too over then you can also wear some of the customised Suicide Squad accessories for Halloween to reveal a balanced look. Suicide Squad accessories include the amazing collection of character wigs, T-shirts, weapons and face masks.

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