Stranger Things Halloween Costumes 2019

Stranger Things Halloween Costumes

Netflix has given us several exciting edge-of-the-seat series, and Stranger Things happens to be one of them. The show presents a group of curious and mischievous boys who are relatable to every adolescent boy out there. It is no surprise that we can expect to see several renditions of Stranger Things Costumes this Halloween.

Will Byers

Will Byers Stranger Things

The show transports us to the fictional Hawkins town in Indiana in the 1980s. We follow a group of kids and their adventures trying to get to the bottom of their friend’s disappearance.

We start off following Will Byers as he cycles back home from a friend’s house. He meets a terrifying figure, and it abducts him. Will’s friend’s Mike, Dustin, and Lucas begin investigating his mysterious disappearance.


Adult Eleven Stranger Things Costume

The boys come across a girl in the town’s local forest while searching for Will. The mysterious girl dons a hospital gown and has a shaven head. Mike allows her to stay in his basement trying his best to keep it from his parents. The boys soon find out that she is called Eleven and has psychokinetic abilities.

Adult Demogorgon Costume
Adult Demogorgon Costume

When what appears to be Will’s body is discovered at a quarry, Eleven proves that he is still alive. She manipulates radios around her, and Will is able to communicate with them.

Mike is able to give Eleven a nude-colored dress, blue jacket, and blonde wig.

Joyce Byers

Adult Joyce Stranger Things Costume

Will’s mother Joyce becomes almost obsessed with the supernatural occurrences that she becomes aware of after Will’s disappearance. Their house electricals begin going haywire. Joyce believes that it is Will trying to communicate with them. The mysterious monster that abducted Will appears to Joyce on several occasions.

The signature look Joyce spots is a general store shirt paired with black pants.


Adult Ruffle Barb Stranger Things Costume

Nancy, Mike’s older sister, goes to a pool party that her boyfriend Steve is hosting. Nancy is with her best friend Barb and Will’s brother Jonathan at the pool party. Barb had not wanted to go to the party. Jonathan documents the events at the party by taking photos. At some point, Barb is alone, and the monster that took Will abducts her.

Barb dresses up in a chic striped shirt paired with light blue jeans. She wears her hair in a short do with loose waves. She also spots some oversized pair of spectacles.


Nancy goes back to Steve’s house to try and look for Barb. Steve who had discovered about the photos that Jonathan took destroys them. Nancy is able to retrieve a fragment of one of the photos with Barb in it. Nancy sees the monster as it runs through the woods, but she runs off scared. Soon,

Adult Eleven Punk Costume
Adult Eleven Punk Costume

Jonathan realizes that Nancy’s description of the monster is the same what his mother saw. They both described it as a humanoid with no face and long arms. Nancy and Jonathan then team up so that they can find out what they can about the monster with the hope of saving Barb and Will.

Nancy’s most iconic look from the show was when she wore a red denim jacket with fur trimmings paired with a blue sweater, checked shirt underneath and dark blue jeans.

Adult Jim Hopper Stranger Things Costume

There is an endless possibility of Stranger Things Halloween costumes to try out this Halloween. Some of the other costumes from the show worth trying are Jim Hopper’s police uniform and Dustin Henderson’s look.

Stranger Things Costumes

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