Shazam Costumes for Kids & Adults

Shazam Costumes for Kids & Adults

Billy Batson is the unlikely hero in the 2019 movie Shazam, which will be all the rage this Halloween. He’s a young teenage foster kid who is moved to a new foster home. There, he meets Freddy and is later picked by a wizard to become the newest superhero known as Shazam.

Bill spends the movie as his teenage self unless he utters his superhero name. Then he morphs into the ripped body of an adult but still has the brain of a teenager. Much of the movie involves him trying to figure out exactly what his powers are with the help of Freddy.

The scenes where these events are taking place are laugh out loud funny and the movie was well received by movie viewers. What Billy doesn’t know is that Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, a character who first appeared in the comics at the end of the 1930s is his arch enemy and he’s after Billy.

The movie also features the other foster kids in the home with Billy as some of the superheroes in the movie. The Shazam costume has more than one style though the design is the same regardless of which one you buy.

Shazam Adult Costume
Shazam Adult Costume

These outfits are available in adult or children’s sizes. One of the choices for either adults or children is the costume that’s just the shirt. The shirt features the standout golden bolt symbol trimmed in gold on the chest of the costume as seen in the movie.

This costume also features the gold belt and gauntlet on the long sleeves. Some of these shirt costumes do come with the cape. This white cape is worn is worn hoodie style and flows down the back.

Shazam Women's Mary Costume
Shazam Women’s Mary Costume

Another style of this costume is the complete costume which is a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit has lights around the bolt symbol which makes it a kid favorite. The design is the same as the shirt design, including the belt and gauntlets.

However, this costume style may also come with boot covers and a cape. The cape is attached at the shoulders however and is not worn on the head. There is a dress version of the Shazam costume in the same printed designs as the jumpsuit.

Men's Pedro Costume
Men’s Pedro Costume

One of the sidekick heroes in Shazam is his friend Pedro. This green fitted jumpsuit features a muscle chest. It also comes with the belt, gauntlets and boot covers. The white cape attaches at the shoulders.

Another sidekick is Billy’s friend, Freddy. His costume is a jumpsuit with 3D boot covers. This one also has the belt and gauntlets. Plus, it also comes with a white cape.

Women's Darla Costume
Women’s Darla Costume

There’s also a Darla costume that can be purchased in adult or child size. This one is a purple jumpsuit. The extra accessories such as the boot covers, gauntlet and belt are also part of the costume. The cape attaches to the costume.

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