Rugrats Costumes: Rugrats Halloween Costumes

Rugrats Halloween Costumes

Rugrats Halloween Costumes: Angelica, Tommy, Chuckie

Why not try something funky on this Halloween and amaze everyone with your funny looks. We crave to grow up and enjoy the beauties of this world when we are little kids. But once we grow up we wish to jump back to our childhood. So what are you waiting for? Try getting into one of the Rugrats costumes this Halloween and enjoy the world from a baby’s perspective. The Rugrats costumes cover both male and female characters. If you are planning to break the stereotypes this Halloween then this is the best chance to show some cool stuff to the people around you.

Tommy Costume

Rugrats Tommy Costumes
Tommy Costume

You think only babies can dress up like babies? Think again because this Tommy costume has been created to break the norms of our society. Lead your Rugrats character this Halloween by wearing Tommy Pickles costume. It comes with a cropped blue t-shirt and a pull on diaper. Complete your baby looks with the customized Tommy cap that will make you look like a bald baby except for a few hair locks. Tommy’s customized screwdriver is also available to add a little fun to your Halloween attire. It’s the perfect 90’s throwback costume that is surely going to make you look funky. You are absolutely going to rock the Halloween party in this attire.

Angelica Costume

Rugrats Angelica Costumes 2016
Angelica Costume

Girls are you ready to show some baby looks this Halloween? Then what are you waiting for? Grab your Cynthia doll and order this bundle of cuteness. This cute but bossy costume includes customized purple blazer with stripped orange shirt, pink hair bows and blue spotted tights that will turn you into a bossy Angelica. Of all the Rugrats costumes, this one is bound to make you rule the Halloween celebrations.

Chuckie costume

Rugrats Chuckie Costumes 2016
Chuckie Costume

If you possess a shy and nerdy personality then this Chuckie costume is going to elaborate this shyness in the most interesting way ever.  Available with the complete costume package of a wig, T-shirt, shoes and socks; this Chuckie costume comes in three different sizes. The yellow socks and red shoes are going to provide you with an adorable look. This funky baby costume is bound to fill your Halloween with some innocent colors.

Rugrats Accessories

Rugrats Accessories 2016

If Rugrats costumes seem out of your budget then you can also go for some of the Rugrats accessories. Make your Halloween special by buying some good stuff from our websites at cheaper rates. We also offer customized Rugrats socks, Rugrats wigs, shoes and diapers.

So get your hands on any of these accessories and make your Halloween Rugrat-able!

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