Power Rangers Movie 2017 Costumes

Power Rangers Movie Costumes

The sight of Power Rangers trick or treating during Halloween isn’t an uncommon one. The fans of the hit movie can dress up as their favorite Rangers this year with a whole new lineup of costume inspirations.

Power Rangers tells the story of five regular  high school students who become superheroes. They inherit Power coins from the former Earth Power Rangers. They find the coins in a quarry and get instructions from Zordon to prevent Rita Repulsa from uncovering Earth’s Zeo Crysta. The five must then race against time to stop Zeo Crysta from destroying the planet and all life on it.

Here are some of the Power Rangers Movie costumes to get you started.

Red  Ranger Costume

Red Ranger from Power Rangers 2017

The re-imagined movie borrows from the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” Tv series.  The cast list includes Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery as Jason, Naomi Scott as Kimberly, Ludi Lin as Zack, Becky G as Trini, and RJ Cyler as Billy.

Jason, the Red Ranger, leads the group of five Power Rangers in their quest to save the world from destruction. Anyone who wants a high-powered and authoritative costume choice for this Halloween should try out the Red Ranger costume. Get the full ninja look with a licensed Red Ranger Ninja Steel costume complete with a high power mask.

Pink Ranger Costume

Pink Ranger from Power Rangers 2017

Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, is an excellent role model for every girl out there who wants to fight off villains this Halloween. She is confident, a little edgy, and friendly by nature. Don’t let the pink hue of her Pterodactyl Battle Zord fool you; she can hold her own in the battle field.

Steal the look for this Halloween with a pink jumpsuit and mask. To truly morph into the Pink Ranger, accessorize the look with Pink Power Rangers Character Sunglasses.

Blue Ranger Costume

Blue Ranger from Power Rangers 2017

Recreate some of the alien battling action with Billy the Blue Ranger’s costume. Billy is a great innovator, and he is smart too. Combine all that with a Blue Power Coin and a Blue Triceratops you get one of the coolest Halloween costumes.

You’ll need a blue Rangers muscle costume and a rad looking blue mask to complete the look.

Black Ranger Costume

Black Ranger from Power Rangers 2017

Zack, the Black Ranger, provides another excellent Halloween costume choice. To create the look, get a black Ranger costume and mask. Get as close to the real movie action by getting a mask with a smoky translucent visor that can obstruct vision.

Yellow Ranger Costume

Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers 2017

Last but not least, Trini, the Yellow Ranger, also makes a great costume choice. A yellow Ranger costume transforms any girl into the superhero she wants to be this Halloween.

Accessories could spruce up all the Power Rangers 2017 costumes. Go for the corresponding Ranger Helmets, Ranger gloves, and Power Rangers Ninja Steel Sword. The great thing about these costume options is that they are available in both adult and kid options. It allows the high-powered family to recreate a forward alternative to the Power Rangers by dressing up as the ninja-inspired superheroes.

Power Rangers 2017 Costumes

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