Pokémon GO Costumes: Pokemon GO Halloween Costumes

Pokemon GO Costumes

Pokemon GO Costumes: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur, Eevee, Charizard, Squirtle, Ash

If like all the other people, Pokémon Go has enchanted you with its magic, then Halloween is the time when you must think about getting dressed up as your favorite video game character. Still confused about making the right selection? Well here is a list of all the Pokémon Go costumes that will make your Halloween colorful.

Pikachu Costume

Pokemon GO Pikachu Costume

If you want to reveal the real powers of a Pokemon then this Pikachu Costume is going to be perfect for you. Available in four different sizes, this costume comes in two pieces including a headpiece and a jumpsuit. With the customized yellow color of Pokémon, this costume is a must-have for all the kids and adults.

Bulbasaur Costume

Pokemon GO Bulbasaur Costume

If your little girl seems to behave nicely and is quite shy then this Bulbasaur Costume is going to enhance her personality in quite an apparent way. Of all the Pokemon Go costumes, this one is the most attractive one due to its tempting colors and alluring design.

Charizard Costume

Pokemon GO Charizard Costume

This Charizard Costume seems like the most attractive option for your Halloween costume. If you want to dress up your kid with something that might make him stand out from the rest of his friends then this Charizard Costume is the best piece for you. Completely equipped with a headpiece and a tail, this costume is available in three different sizes. If you are seeking one for yourself then this costume is also available in four different adult sizes.

Squirtle Costume

Pokemon GO Squirtle Costume

If you want to reveal some watery powers through your costume then this Squirtle Costume is the best option for you. Available in the form of a stunning, water-blue dress, this costume comes with a tail and a shell on the back.

Ash Costume

Pokemon GO Ash Costume

Becoming a Pokémon might be an attractive thing but what if you want to be the one who trained the Pokémon? Opt for this Ash Costume on Halloween 2016 and get the chance to teach Pokémon the basics of battle.

Eevee Costume

Pokemon GO Eevee Costume
Eevee Costume

Whether you are a little girl or a fully grown female, this Eevee Costume is loaded with all the necessary amenities to provide you with an unforgettable Pokemon Go look. Available in chocolate brown dress, this costume comes with a headpiece and furry tail.

Jigglypuff Costume

Pokemon GO Jigglypuff Costume
Jigglypuff Costume

If you love to sing and want to reveal your feminine powers through your Halloween costume then this Jigglypuff Costume is going to add a lot of magic to your personality. Available with a hooded-top and a skirt, this costume package also includes a microphone.

If Pokemon Go costumes seem like an expensive option then you can also go for the Pokemon Go accessories. These accessories include the Pokemon Go T-shirt, headpiece, jacket and costume kit.

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