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PJ Masks Costumes

PJ Masks Costumes: Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Luna, Romeo, Night Ninja

It is the desire of all parents to make Halloween special and entertaining for their kids. So this Halloween, if you truly want to add colors to your kid’s life then you must select one of the PJ Masks costumes and dress up your little baby in it. PJ Masks are gaining worldwide recognition due to their children-friendly teaching theme. Millions of kids from different parts of America have fallen in love with this adorable TV series. If your child is also a PJ fan then Halloween 2018 is your only chance to surprise your baby with some of his favorite costumes.

Catboy Costume

PJ Masks Catboy Costume 2016

If your little boy is a big fan of Catboy then this Catboy Costume will surely make him very excited. Available in bright blue color, this costume comes with a headpiece and a tail. This costume is available in two different sizes so you won’t have to worry about finding the right size for your little kiddo.

Gekko Costume

PJ Masks Gekko Costume 2016

If you want to dress up your little kiddo in unique attire then this Gekko Costume will surely provide your little one with an odd look. Being the attire of a green lizard, this Gekko Costume is very much in demand by all the kids for Halloween 2016. This Gekko costume is available at affordable price and comes with a headpiece, tail, gloves and a complete jumpsuit.

Owlette Costume

PJ Masks Owlettea Costume 2016

If you are unable to find an attractive costume for your little doll then this Owlette Costume is extremely beautiful and lively enough to make your little doll look gorgeous. Available in bright red color, this costume comes in the form of a jumpsuit, shoe-covers, a headpiece, pink and red wings along with a pair of gloves. If you think that this costume might be a bit harsh for your little doll’s delicate body then you are absolutely wrong. Created from the finest polyester, this costume is highly comfortable on extra-sensitive bodies.

Luna Costume

PJ Masks Luna Costume 2016
Luna Costume

If your little girlie is a big fan of PJ Masks then this Luna Costume is going to give her a chance to express her love for this TV series. Crafted from the amazing blend of black, navy blue and grey colors; this costume is simply stunning. This costume also includes a face mask and a customized Luna wig.

Romeo Costume

PJ Masks Romeo Costume
Romeo Costume

If your little hero has a keen interest in science, then turn him into a mad scientist with this cute looking Romeo Costume. Available with pants, a lab coat, glasses and a wig; this costume is a complete collection of super-cuteness.

Night Ninja Costume

Night Ninja Costume
Night Ninja Costume

This sparkling blue costume has been created in such a way that your little baby will seem like a part of the dark sky. Available in two different sizes, this costume is totally unique due to its amazing design.

If you haven’t thought about getting a PJ Masks costume for your baby yet then this is your only chance. Hurry up! Make your order now and make your baby’s Halloween magical.

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