Overwatch Costumes: D.Va, Mercy, Reaper, Soldier: 76

Overwatch Costumes

Overwatch was released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. It was created for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one. It’s a multi-player first person shooter game, where your teams can pick to play with any one of the twenty characters.

In the game, players have to work together on different tasks, such as defending point on a map or moving payloads. One of the most popular characters in this world is D. Va. She has several abilities and weapons including micro missile and a light gun.

DVa Overwatch Costume
D.Va Overwatch Costume

She also has a defense matrix, which is a forward-facing shield that can deflect oncoming projectiles. She can only keep the defense matrix up for short periods of time, though. D. Va’s colorful costume can be bought in multiple sizes. It’s a jumpsuit that covers all the way down to the ankles and wrists. It also includes matching gloves and a headpiece.

The costume doesn’t come with shoes or face paint. Another great character you may want to dress up as for Halloween is Mercy. She has a Valkyrie suit that allows her to stay close to the rest of the team.

She’s the healer for the characters and uses her Caduceus Staff to restore someone’s health. She can also use the staff to increase damage that’s done to foes. Mercy has the ability to fly which enables her to reach her fallen comrades quicker.

Mercy Overwatch Costume
Mercy Overwatch Costume

She also has a sidearm called the Caduceus Blaster, which she can use to protect herself with. Mercy’s costume is a fitted jumpsuit with the zipper running down the front. It can be bought in multiple sizes, and there’s a deluxe version available that comes with more details on the suit.

The costume also comes with the wings Mercy’s known for that help her fly over battles to reach her friends. The wings are lightweight but sturdy. It also comes with Mercy’s signature headband. Shoes aren’t sold with this costume.

Reaper Overwatch Costume
Reaper Overwatch Costume

The character Reaper is known for causing damage and destruction. His twin shotguns allow him to defeat enemies two times quicker than other characters. He also has the Death Blossom ability, which allows him to fire both shotguns at an incredible speed, killing any foes near him.

Reaper also has an ability called Wraith Form, which allows him to pass through enemies unharmed. Nothing can hurt him when he’s in this form, but he can only sustain it for a short while.

When he’s in this form, he can’t fire his own weapons and he can’t use any of his other abilities either. Reaper’s costume is a full body suit with the famous cape attached. It comes with his signature skull mask and arm gauntlets. Some also include boot covers to complete the look.

Soldier 76 Overwatch Costume
Soldier 76 Overwatch Costume

Another member with a lot of fire power is Soldier: 76. He has Helix rockets, which allow him to injure a lot of enemies at once within a small radius. He also can sprint forward at breakneck speed, but the speed only works if he’s not using any other action. His costume is his signature leather jacket and gloves. His mask is sold separately.

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