Moana Halloween Costumes: Moana, Maui

Moana Halloween Costumes

Who doesn’t love the Moana movie? Well, kids do, and a few closet kids at heart too! Why not channel your Moana and dress up as one of the Walt Disney’s movie characters this Halloween? One thing is for sure; you are bound to make a lasting impression this Halloween with Moana costumes.


Disney Moana Classic Girls Costume

The Polynesian princess undoubtedly steals the limelight in the coming-of-age film. She is the fearless daughter of Chief Tui and Sina. The ocean chooses Moana to bring back Te Fiti’s heart.

Moana is Motunui’s chief-in-training where her father Tui serves as chief. Her father believes and trusts in the village’s self-sustenance capabilities. However, a blight afflicts the community and Moana decide to do something about it. Her adventurous spirit leads her to go sail beyond the reef even after her father forbade it. Eventually, she sails off in search of the legendary demigod Maui in the hope of saving her village.

Moana Costume

Moana’s strong-willed nature is worth emulating, and her outfit makes for a great Halloween costume. To create the look, you will need Moana’s beautiful dress featuring a nude and brown skirt and orange bodice. Pair the look with a beautiful tribal-inspired necklace complete with a turquoise stone. Top it off by donning a long brown wig with beach waves.

Accessorize the look with Moana’s signature sailboat paddle. Perhaps go with Moana’s beloved pet pig Pua or rooster Heihei as accessories. Staying shoeless may prove challenging, and a great go-in between is to go with flip-flops.


Maui Costume

Te Fiti, an island goddess, is credited for giving the ocean life. A pounamu stone serves as Te Fiti’s mystical heart. Maui is a shape-shifting Polynesian demigod who is famous for stealing Te Fiti’s heart. Maui is obsessed with getting possession of the power of creation.

Maui makes off with Te Fiti’s heart, but he gets attacked by the lava demon Te Ka. During the attack, Maui loses Te Fiti’s heart as well as his magical fish hook that grants powers in the ocean. All this happens a millennium before Moana sets off in search of Maui. Maui ends up imprisoning Moana in a cave and takes over her sailboat. He goes off in search of his magical fish hook and Te Fiti’s heart.

Recreate Maui’s look this Halloween either with a Maui t-shirt and shorts set or go authentic with the Maui leaf skirt bottom. Accessorize the look with Maui’s signature cowrie shell necklace and his signature magical fish hook.

Chief Tui and Sina

The parents of a strong-willed girl dressing up as Moana this Halloween should also choose Moana costumes. The perfect costume choice, in this case, would be Chief Tui and Sina for the parents.

Disney Moana Necklace

Chief Tui spots a red Polynesian wrap around the bottom. He also wears a cowrie shell necklace and leaf/floral ankle wreaths. Sina dons a beautiful Polynesian dress featuring a nude bodice, pink skirt, and a nude sisal-like band skirt atop it all. She wears her hair in a unique rope-braid styling complete with a pink rose accessory.

One thing is for sure, the family that will pick the Moana costumes for this Halloween are sure to create lasting memory

Moana Costumes

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