Little Charmers Costumes for Girls: Hazel, Posie, Lavender

Little Charmers Costumes

Little Charmers Costumes – Little Charmers Halloween Costumes

Little Charmers is a Canadian animated television series that has rocked the hearts of TV audiences due to its cute theme. It`s a cool combo of animation, fantasy and adventure. The series is based on three characters only. It is small wonder that most girls will be scrambling to get dressed in the costumes of the favorite characters of this animated cartoon on the Halloween.

Hazel Costume

Little Charmers Hazel costume
Hazel costume

Hazel Costume is perfect for spunky and high-spirited girlies. If you little doll is very friendly, sweet and care for others then this costume is a great match for her personality traits. If you want your doll to look like Hazel on this Halloween eve then this Hazel costume will look great on her. Available in three different pieces, this costume will surely make your little princess look. The price of this costume is very low and the costume package includes costume hat, Hazel dress and skin-tight leggings.

Posie Costume

Little Charmers Posie costume
Posie costume

Most girls will love to look beautiful in the attire of Posie. The extra-ordinarily gentle personality of Posie is the biggest reason behind the high demand of this costume. This costume is well-equipped to make your personality look charming and delicate. Available in three different pieces, this costume comes with dark teal striped tights, a stunning dress and a cute character headband. Surely, Posie Costume is the best costume to wear on this Halloween.

Lavender Costume

Little Charmers Lavender costume
Lavender costume

Then is the perfect costume for your little girl’s personality if you want her to look like a little peasant girl possessing secret magical qualities. Divided into three pieces, this costume contains an indigo top with a pale indigo collar, blue and indigo leggings and a cute character hat with a peach bow. This easy-to-afford dress will surely make you look wiser than others.

Little Charmers Accessories

If you are not able to spare enough money to get the entire Little Charmers Costume package for your little doll then you can also get your hands on Little Charmers accessories and make this Halloween special for her. There are various types of accessories available at very low prices including the Little Charmers wigs, T-shirts and hats. Getting any of these accessories is going to add a magical effect to the casual Halloween attire of your little princess.

So if you have not yet planned any costume for your girl then you can make your selection from these Little Charmers costumes and spark the magic on Halloween 2016.

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