John Wick Costumes

John Wick Costumes

John Wick Costumes

While Speed is one of Keanu Reeves’s most iconic films, he’s also widely known for his character portrayal of John Wick. The film series is about the title character, who’s a retired hitman.

Everyone who knows John Wick’s reputation in the movie knows to be afraid of crossing him. But one gangster’s son decides that he wants John’s car. He steals it, then brutally kills his puppy, which had been a gift from John’s late wife.

After finding what they did to his puppy, John sets out to hunt down the gangster’s son. John Wick was a Belarussian orphan and raised to be an assassin. In the movie, people who’ve heard of his reputation refer to him as “Baba Yega,” which translates to mean The Boogeyman.

His kill count is reported to be over three hundred. He fights solo, and often takes on large groups of people when he fights. In the second film of the series, John Wick Chapter 2, Wick has to go back into the assassin lifestyle that he’d previously left.

He returns because he must take out a target in order to honor a debt. Afterwards, his sponsor betrays him, and John has to outsmart those hunting him. In the newest film of the series, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, John is forced to go on the run after a global bounty of fourteen million dollars is placed on his head.

John’s life is in even more danger since he committed a murder on Continental Hotel grounds. The hotel is a haven for assassins, where the biggest rule is no lives are allowed to be taken there.

When John kills the man who put a bounty on his head at the hotel, his membership to the hotel is terminated, as is his contact with other members. John is forced to fight his way out of New York City, which is made more difficult because of the fourteen million dollar contract.

A fourth John Wick film has been announced, and will be releasing in 2021, so costumes are sure to be in demand this Halloween season. The John Wick costume is similar for all three of the John Wick movies to date.

He’s known to wear two different types of suits, no matter the occasion. The first costume is a black suit jacket with matching pants. Pair it with a white dress shirt and a long black tie to look like this feared assassin.

The second costume is also a black suit. However, this one is a three-piece. It comes with black suit pants and a matching jacket. The jacket has two waist pockets and one chest pocket.

It also includes a black vest. The suit should be paired with a black dress shirt to complete the ensemble. This black dress shirt is not included in the costumes.

To finish accessorizing, you can purchase a black wig and gun holsters.

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