It Pennywise the Clown Costumes for Kids & Adults

It 2017 Pennywise the Clown Costumes

The It movie is one of the most anticipated 2017 movies that tells the story of a group of kids who take on an evil clown. The film borrows its premise from Stephen King’s iconic “It” novel, and it is also a remake of the 1990 miniseries based on the novel. As one of the year’s horror films, it makes sense that everyone can borrow some Halloween outfit ideas from the movie.

Here is our It Pennywise the Clown Costumes inspiration list.

Adult Pennywise Costume

The heinous antagonist of the It movie is an evil clown dubbed Pennywise. He is behind the disappearance of many kids in Derry, Maine.  Played by Bill Skarsgard, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is an ancient, trans-dimensional clown that awakens after every three decades. Well, Pennywise does make an excellent costume choice for anyone who favors the trick side of Halloween.

Pennywise Adult Costume

To recreate the look you will need an officially licensed Pennywise jumpsuit, a mask and wig, gloves, and some balloons to complete the look.

Adult Pennywise Costume Deluxe

Pennywise is the master of disguise, and he is able to lure kids into his trap. He moves around in sewers remaining unseen and only appears when he wants to attack. Why not become the master of disguise with a Pennywise Deluxe costume for Halloween?

Pennywise Deluxe Adult Costume

For the master of disguise look, you need a Pennywise deluxe costume top, frilled collar, and a mask to complete the look.

Adult Twisted Clown Costume

Now, some ladies would want to channel their evil side this Halloween. What better way than to borrow some inspiration from Pennywise? A Twisted Clown costume is an ideal choice for the lady looking for a different Halloween outfit choice.

Twisted Clown Adult Costume

Create the look with the Twisted Clown black and white dress featuring red accents for a sinister flair. Pair it with a matching hat, collar, pettiskirt, and red socks. With such a look, the makeup steals the show, and you should take some time to capture the killer look.

Freakshow Clown Child Costume

Why not make the It movie costume inspirations a family thing? After all, for a movie that has kids as the main stars, it only makes sense that your children should get some Halloween costume inspirations from it.

Freakshow Clown Child Costume

The kid’s Freakshow Clown costume can transform your little one into a terrifying spectacle for Halloween. However, the costume still has some kiddy, friendly elements including a black and yellow theme with red polka dots. It also features black cut off pants, cuffs, black and white footless socks, and a collar.

Freak In A Box Adult Costume

Another clown-themed costume idea is the Freak In a Box costume. The ensemble borrows from the childhood favorite jack-in-the-box game. The classic toy holds its popularity, and why not go down memory lane by dressing up as a scary life-sized version?

Freak In A Box Adult Costume

For the look, make sure that the costume features a Box tunic, collar, mask with hat, shirt, gloves, and collar.

With these selected It costume inspirations, you can pay homage to the iconic movie and give off a few scares while treat-or-tricking this Halloween.

It Pennywise the Clown Costume Ideas

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