How to Train Your Dragon Costumes: Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, Light Fury

How to Train Your Dragon 3 Costumes

In 2010, the first movie in the How to Train Your Dragon film trio was released. Since then, the last two movies have been released, the final one hitting theaters in early 2019, so many people will want costumes from it for Halloween.

The movies are loosely based off the books written by Cressida Cowell.The How to Train Your Dragon 3-part film focuses on Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, a young Viking who’s trying to prove himself to his fellow Vikings, and his chief father, Stock the Vast.

In the first film, dragons are enemies of the Isle of Berk, where Hiccup lives. But Hiccup eventually learns how to train the beasts, and even ends up becoming best friends with one of these dragons.

One of the most popular character choices for a Halloween costume is Hiccup himself. In the first film, Hiccup is clumsy and awkward, but he gains respect after learning how to interact with dragons.

The classic Hiccup costume is a light green shirt that falls to mid-thigh. Gray pants and a brown belt are also included. The pants have furry brown leg sleeves to look like the top of the Viking’s boots.

Hiccup’s signature furry brown vest also comes with the costume. To finish it off, you can buy the accessories like the brown boots to match the leg sleeves and vest. There’s also a Hiccup costume from the final movie.

This costume is a solid black jumpsuit with textured black dragon scales. It also comes with a black mask with eyeholes. Another popular human in the How to Train Your Dragon world is Astrid.

She’s a tough Viking who attends school with Hiccup and the other kids on the Isle of Berk. She befriends him in the first movie, and eventually falls in love with him as the two grow up together.

Astrid’s costume from the first two movies is a red and brown dress with a detachable cape. The skirt of the dress is designed to look like Astrid’s signature spiked skirt, with skulls at the top of the belt.

The costume also comes with pants with attached boot tops. Astrid’s outfit changes in the third movie, The Hidden World. The costume for this one is a bright blue jumpsuit with embellishments to resemble a dragon’s scales.

This one also includes a skirt overlay. It comes with a separate headpiece that matches the jumpsuit. If you want to go as the most loved dragon of the series, Toothless is the first choice.

He’s the rare Night Fury that becomes friends with Hiccup, and throughout the books and movies, the two are loyal companions.The Toothless costume is a black jumpsuit with attached wings.

There’s a dragon scale texture on the torso and arms of the jumpsuit. It also comes with a detachable tail. You can get a tail of solid black, or one with red on the tip to resemble the missing piece of his tail that Hiccup replaced.

Another dragon is the Light Fury. She was introduced in the final movie and becomes Toothless’s mate in the end. The Light Fury costume is a pure white dress with detachable wings. The dress is hooded, with the top designed to look like the Light Fury’s face.

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