Halloween Treat Ideas – Easy Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween Treat Ideas – Halloween can mean different things to different people. The one thing most people will agree on is the importance of treats. The easiest way to treat your party guests and children trick or treating, is to buy a huge stock of candy when you go grocery shopping. If you want to be more original this year, try some of the following Halloween treat ideas.

Cookie Cutters 15 PIECE SET by Immys
Cookie Cutters 15 PIECE SET by Immys

A healthy snack disguised as guts; cook a spaghetti squash, add some tomato sauce to the squash strands and mix it all together in small glass or bowl.

Your guests’ eyes will bug out when they see this snack: eyeballs on forks. Cover doughnut holes with melted white chocolate. Add a round chocolate chip as the pupil and use red frosting to create veins.

One of the easiest Halloween treat ideas I’ve come across are skeleton cookies. Bake or buy gingerbread cookies shaped as people or animals, then draw skeleton like lines on them with white frosting.

What if finger food actually consisted of … fingers? With some mozzarella string cheese and a green bell pepper you can create your very own Frankenstein fingers. Cut the mozzarella string in half and cut out horizontal wedges for the joints. Cut a piece of pepper, not peeled, in the shape of a finger nail and place it on the “finger”. You’ll need to remove a bit of cheese and some of the pulp of the pepper so it looks good. Use a bit of cream cheese to make the nail stick.

For “cannibals” you can create fingers or toes out of cocktail wieners. Make a little wedge in one end of each wiener where you will place the nail. Wrap a strip of soft tortilla on the other end and keep it in place with a toothpick. After baking it for around 7 minutes at 350 degrees, add a dollop of ketchup for the nail and remove the toothpick.

Halloween Treat IdeasHalloween cupcakes can come in a wide variety of decorations. You can dress them up as bats, with little chocolate wings, or turn them into brains with zigzag lines of light orange frosting. Create a spider with some black string lace licorice as legs and chocolate sprinkles for the hairy body. Drape white fondant over your cupcakes, add 2 chocolate chips for eyes, and voila, ghost cupcakes.

For the trick or treaters, create small bags of ghost poop. Add 1 marshmallow ghost and some mini marshmallows to a bag. Close the bag with a ribbon and add a little note that reads “bag of ghost poop”.