Halloween Theme Ideas

Halloween Theme Ideas – Unless you’re into cosplay, adults usually only have one opportunity a year where they can dress up and be someone else. And that time is around Halloween. To make the event more interesting – kids are happy with lots of treats and a couple of witches or skeletons – why not dedicate this year’s Halloween party to a certain theme. If you’re fresh out of ideas the following Halloween themes will surely spark your imagination.

Halloween Theme Ideas

Spooky, let’s get this cliché out of the way first, shall we? Instead of mashing everything remotely scary together, pick one theme. Say, zombies for instance. Turn your garden into a graveyard. You can buy arms or even zombie upper bodies that look like they’re clawing their way out of the ground. Spread a few fake limbs around the house. Serve jello “brain” and spaghetti “intestines”. Have zombie movies playing in the background.

Mobsters have always captured the imagination of people from all walks of life. If you’ve always liked the lifestyle, but were smart enough to not want to do the time, a mafia themed party will be right up your alley. Dress up in a fancy suit, don’t forget the fedora, or an elegant dress. Shake some powdered sugar on the coffee table and use a credit card to draw lines to make it look like cocaine. Play the soundtrack of the Godfather movies in the background. Round up some toy guns, preferably a couple that look like machine guns, and leave them lying around the house. Turn one room into a casino where your guests can play poker and roulette.

Boom!Do you and your guests love superheroes? Obviously, dress up as your favorite superhero. Make photocopies of comics and turn these into cones to hold food or wrap them around bottles or glasses. Print little signs to attach to a toothpick and stick them in the finger food. The signs can either say positive things, like “energy boost” or “laser vision”, or the opposite, like “kryptonite”. Decorate the house with comic style flags and banners reading “Pop!”, “Boom!”, “Kapow!”… You can find several superhero themed cocktail recipes online.

Hollywood Halloween themes are also pretty popular. Plenty of costumes to choose from, people can dress up as the actors or the characters they played in famous movies. Roll out the red carpet and throw some silver and gold stars around. For snacks you must offer popcorn, of course. Set up cameras, they don’t have to be real, and place a scene marker in every room. Have your guests leave their handprints in salt dough and create your very own walk of fame.

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