Halloween Safety Tips for Adults, Kids, and Pets

Halloween Safety Tips for Adults, Kids, and PetsHalloween is supposed to be a fun holiday for the whole family. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, it can turn into a nightmare. Whether you’re simply staying at home, trick or treating or throwing a party, there are some Halloween safety tips you want to take into consideration. These tips will help adults, children and pet owners create another memorable Halloween.

Most children, and quite a few adults and teenagers, love to dress up for Halloween. Costumes should fit will and be easy to walk around in without tripping. Any accessories, like swords or axes for example, need to be made of a flexible material and shouldn’t have any sharp edges.

Whether you buy your costume in a store or create one from scratch, make sure it’s flame-resistant. If it isn’t, treat it with fire retardant as Halloween decorations typically involve lots of candles.

Colored and other decorative lenses can damage your eyesight. If you really want to wear them, limit the time you have them in to give your eyes a break. Eye holes in masks should be large enough so you still have good peripheral vision. If they aren’t, make them a little bigger yourself and use make-up or grease paint around your eyes so the mask doesn’t lose its effect.

If your costume requires the use of make-up, test it at least 48 hours in advance on a small patch of skin. When you don’t develop a rash or other skin condition in this spot, you can safely use the make-up.

Trick or treating requires its own set of Halloween safety tips. Common sense can easily fly out the window in all the excitement, so here are a few pointers.

Always use sidewalks and crosswalks. Drivers will be distracted and depending on your costume, you may not be all that visible in the dark. You can become more visible by adding reflective tape to your costume or carrying flashlights or glow sticks.

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Create a wristband or dog tag with ICE information. This one isn’t just for kids, not all costumes have pockets. Add allergy, blood type and other info that doctors should be aware of.

Teach your kids to yell fire instead of just scream in case of an emergency, like a stranger trying to lure them into a car or house. Lots of kids will be screaming, just for the fun of Halloween. Screaming “fire” will draw a lot more attention.

All treats should be checked before eating, particularly if you or your children suffer from allergies.

Don’t place candles near curtains, landings or doorsteps and keep them out of reach of pets and kids. If you can, use LED candles instead of real candles.

If you throw a party, you’ll want to keep your guests’ safety in mind when serving alcoholic beverages. Make sure there are enough designated drivers. Confiscate car keys and call a taxi when necessary.

Keep all your pets safe inside the house. If you make them wear a pet costume, don’t leave them unattended. If they freak out they might get caught on something with their costume and suffocate. Ask your party guests not to feed your pets, plenty of human food and alcohol is lethal for animals. In fact, it’s probably best to keep your pets in a room away from the party. That way they’ll have some quiet alone time, can’t be accidentally stepped on and won’t be able to chew and choke on party decorations.