Halloween Punch Recipes That Kids Will Love

Halloween punch recipes for kidsIt’s Halloween, which means it’s time to have a party, and invite a house full of little ghosts and goblins. Along with all the creative snacks and goodies you’ve prepared, you’re looking for some ideas for Halloween punch that kids will love.

These punch ideas are all easy to make, can be put together in a few minutes, and require ingredients that should be easily found in your local supermarket.

You can’t have a Halloween party without a little Witch’s Brew. For this simple, quick punch you simply combine a quart of grape juice, a quart of orange juice, and a liter of ginger ale in a punch bowl.

Here’s a good old standby that’s good to serve if Halloween in your neighborhood tends to be a cold and frosty October evening—Hot Apple Cider. For this recipe, heat two quarts of apple juice until it’s just about boiling. Add one or two cinnamon sticks and one tablespoon of whole cloves. (Tip: put the whole cloves into a spice bag before dropping into the punch, for easier removal.) Simmer the apple juice and spices for about five to ten minutes, then add one cup of orange juice, one-half cup of lemon juice, and one-half cup of brown sugar. Heat all ingredients. (Tip: keep this drink warm in a crock pot set on low.)

Libbey Selene Punch Set
Libbey Selene Punch Set

Another very easy, quick idea is to serve Vampire Punch. To make this you put one small package of frozen strawberries, thawed, into the bottom of your punch bowl. Next you add one quart of cranberry juice and stir. Now pour in one liter of 7-Up (or Sprite if you prefer), and add a “glug” of grenadine syrup or pomegranate juice, just enough to turn it vampire blood red.

If you have lots of little kids at your party, they’ll be tickled over this Halloween “bug juice” punch. For this punch you mash twenty-four ounces of thawed frozen strawberries in a separate bowl. In your punch bowl you place one cup of raisins and one cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen). These are the “bugs” for the punch. Combine the mashed strawberries with one six-ounce can of frozen lemonade concentrate, and add one quart of ginger ale . Add this mixture to the punch bowl and watch the “bugs” float to the top. For an added touch, you can dangle some gummy worms around the edge of the punch bowl too if you want.