Halloween Party Ideas For All Ages: Kids, Teenagers, and Adults

When coming up with Halloween party ideas the most important thing you should do is consider the guests you’re inviting over. Obviously a Halloween party strictly for adults can include different decorations and games than a party that will also include children or teenagers. Following are some ideas that will keep all age groups entertained throughout the day or evening.

A game that’s fun regardless of your age is whacking a piñata with a stick while blindfolded. To match the spooky Halloween spirit, choose a bat, pumpkin or cauldron shaped piñata and fill it with treats like jelly worms.

Hold a mummifying contest. Divide your guests into teams and have them wrap one of their team members in toilet paper. Kids will love it and depending on how much alcohol has been consumed, adults will also love giving this game a spin.

ghost storiesIf you plan on telling ghost stories, consider adding some sound light effects to make the stories extra scary. Use a timer or remote to turn off all the lights at once and make the stereo start playing eerie sounds. You can make candles mysteriously go out by shortening the wick in advance. Simply cut the candle in half and cut off the wick at the desired length. Then add the parts of the candle together by heating them with a lighter.

For a Halloween version of pass-the-parcel get a candy filled cauldron and a selection of spooky music. As soon as everyone has at least one treat, the next person who has the cauldron when the music stops can take the cauldron home.

Put a Halloween spin on pin the tail on the donkey by replacing the donkey with a black cat.

Apple bobbing is one of the Halloween party ideas that both children and adults can enjoy. Make sure you have plenty of towels ready for your guests to dry off. If it’s too cold or you simply don’t want to make a watery mess, use soft plastic balls instead of water and something like mini boxes of treats instead of apples. See if you can find a large cauldron instead of a bucket to create some extra Halloween spirit.

A pumpkin decorating contest will keep the youngest guests happy. Unless you want to spend half the party cleaning your kitchen and/or rushing to the hospital, use markers and ribbons for decorations instead of carving. Make sure you wash all the pumpkins in advance to remove any dirt.

Halloween Party Ideas For AdultsPumpkin bowling is another party game that works well for all ages. You can use a small to medium sized pumpkin and plastic bowling pins or plastic bottles filled half way with water or sand. Decorate the pins or bottles with scary faces or attach a piece of white cloth with eyes over them to create ghosts.

Hold a Halloween style Easter egg hunt. Hide small pumpkin baskets or cauldrons filled with candy around the house or yard.

Teenagers and adults can be entertained with a Halloween quiz. Create a trivia game about the history of Halloween and Halloween related movies and TV-shows.

A dancing with the ghouls competition should keep adults and teenagers on their feet. Eliminate one couple each round and have them dance to spooky music tunes.