Halloween Decorations For House And Yard

Halloween is almost here. Time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your house and yard. Will you use decorations you already have on hand, buy all new decorations, or maybe use a combination of both?

First you’ll want to decide on a theme—or maybe you like the eclectic look, using favorite decorations that you bring out each year, mixing traditional Fall decors with a few creepy or funny items too.

Halloween Inflatable Pumpkins Yard Decoration
7.5 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Pumpkins Yard Decoration

You’ll probably want to have a few pumpkins around. Get the kids together and let them carve a few jack-o-lanterns. Stack a few pumpkins around a bunch of dried cornstalks, and make (or buy) a scarecrow to sit among them.

If you want to add a little bit of a haunted look to your porch, you might want to hang a length of “Creepy Cloth”, cloth that looks like cheesecloth that has been aged, tattered and torn. Along with that you might want to add some spider web and a few spiders. Hang a few bats to add to the atmosphere.

Creepy Cloth Decoration
Creepy Cloth Decoration

For a more sinister appearance, what could be better than having a pair of “zombie arms” sticking out of your lawn near the walkway where trick-or-treaters arrive?

If you really want to make it festive, rig up a sound system so you can play Halloween music or haunting sounds that can be heard outside as goblins come up your driveway.

You might want an ugly old witch dressed in black standing in a corner of your porch. She might have a big cauldron full of goodies for trick-or-treaters, or maybe she holds a straw broom and has her black cat with her.

Inside your home you might want to have plenty of candles lighted, in traditional black and orange, or maybe in orange, green, and black. Hang a few bats around the house too, and a bit of spider web in here won’t hurt either.

Halloween Inflatable Haunted House Castle with Skeleton
8.5 Foot Halloween Inflatable Haunted House Castle with Skeleton, Ghost & Skulls

Don’t forget about placing one, two, or even a few Halloween inflatables on your lawn too. You’ll find a wide variety of them on Amazon.com, everything from witches, to ghosts, to big black cats, to haunted houses, and even a headless horseman carriage.