The Goonies Costumes: Mouth, Chunk, Andy, Sloth

The Goonies Costumes

The Goonies Costumes – The Goonies Halloween Costumes

How about going down a treasure hunt this Halloween? If you are interested then The Goonies Costumes are the perfect costumes to turn your Halloween into a treasure hunt expedition. The Goonies costumes are not just about treasure expeditions but they are also the symbol of showing faithfulness and love towards your family.

Mouth Costume

The Goonies Mouth Costume 2016
Mouth Costume

With this awesome jacket, shirt and a comb, you can turn yourself into a smart-looking Mouth. So this Halloween, dress yourself up as Mouth and lead your friends on the treasure expedition. Without the intelligence and wit of Mouth, his friends won’t have been able to discover the treasures they did. So when you dress into the Mouth Costume, do understand that you have to act responsibly in order to lead your friends into the right direction.

Chunk Costume

The Goonies Chunk Costume 2016

If you think that The Goonies Costumes would look good only on the kids then you are absolutely wrong. Chunk costume is not only available for the kids but it is also available in three different sizes for the adults. If you are not in the mood to wear something heavy this Halloween then this Chunk Costume is bound to make your Halloween comfortable with its delicate fabric. Divided into three different pieces, this Halloween costume comes with a bright orange jacket, flower printed shirt and checked pants. If you want to spice up the looks then you can also get the Chunk wig but keep in mind that it is not included in the Chunk Costume package.

Andy Costume

The Goonies Andy Costume 2016
Andy Costume

If you want to go for the girl-next-door attire for this Halloween then this Andy Costume is going to look stunning on your pretty body. Display the feminine side of your personality by donning this simple yet unique costume. Available in three different sizes, this costume is a must-have for all The Goonies loving women. This costume is available at very low rates and consists of a sexy white skirt, off-white sweater-vest and dark yellow long-jacket.

Sloth Costume

The Goonies Sloth Costume 2016

If you want to adopt the monstrous look for Halloween 2016 then this Sloth Costume is well-equipped with all the evil weapons to terrorize your friends and family members. Available with Sloth head piece, pants and costume top, this attire is bound to make your Halloween really spooky. Imagine wearing this attire and creeping right behind your kids. This costume is evil enough to make your kids shake with fear.

The Goonies Accessories


If getting hands on these The Goonies costumes is an expensive job for you then you can also make your Halloween spooky by ordering for some of The Goonies accessories. You can either get The Goonies hat, The Goonies T-shirt or Sloth head piece and have a spook-tacular Halloween.

The Goonies Halloween Costumes and Accessories

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