Godzilla: King of Monster Costumes

Godzilla: King of Monster Costumes

Godzilla has always been a monster to reckon with. And in the movie Godzilla: King of Monsters, he proves once again, that he’s not the monster you trifle with. The movie, which is a sequel to the one from 2014, showcases kaiju monsters alongside Godzilla.

These monsters are King Ghidora, Rodan and Mothra. Rodan looks a lot like a dinosauric bird creature. He can fly incredibly fast, can use heat as a weapon and first debuted in 1956.

Godzilla King of the Monsters Rodan Overhead Latex
Rodan Overhead Latex – Coming Soon!

Mothra is a giant moth monster who appears to be on the friendly side. The bad guy on the block this time around appears to be King Ghidora. This monster is a three headed dragon type creature and as the alpha, he’s got it in for Godzilla.

To the delight of movie goers and to save the world of course, Godzilla rises again, proving that he is and always will be the king of monsters. This Halloween, you can star as the king of monsters wearing one of the costumes based on the movie.

Godzilla King of the Monsters King Ghidorah Overhead Mask
King Ghidorah Overhead Mask – Coming Soon!

These costumes can fit all different sizes depending on which one you purchase. One of these costumes is an inflatable one and it comes with a battery operated fan. You will have to buy the batteries separately.

This costume is made of polyester so it’s lightweight. The color is a mix of brown and gray and comes pre-printed with the Godzilla markings. There is a child size version of this costume available.

It’s made of polyester too. This one is a jumpsuit with easy in and out access. The show covers adhere with bands. There is a mask with this costume, and it is separate from the jumpsuit so your child will be able to remove it.

The mask is not a full head mask. In order to get the tail of the costume to have that filled out look you’re going to have to stuff it with something. You could use material such as pillow fill that you can get at a craft store.

If you would prefer to wear regular clothes or you want the pieces separately, you can buy just buy the Godzilla mask as an accessory. You’ll be able to get both the newer Godzilla masks as well as the ones based on the older movies.

Godzilla King of the Monsters Mothra Overhead Latex Mask
Mothra Overhead Latex Mask – Coming Soon!

You can also purchase the Godzilla hands separately. The Mothra mask is also available as one of the costume choices based on the movie. This is a latex mask that slips on.

The brown and silver mask does have some fierce looking fangs. There is a touch of blue color on either side of the eye holes. Another choice of costumes based on this movie is the King Ghidora costume.


This costume is a brown tunic top with two of the heads on the costume sleeves. These sleeves look like the wingspan of a bat. The middle part of the monster’s head is a single mask. If you prefer all three of the heads together, you can buy that as one mask.

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