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Ghostbusters Movie Costumes

Adopting the costumes of horror movies is very much in demand for the Halloween. If you haven’t yet decided about your Halloween costume then Ghostbusters Movie is a great option for you. So now all you have to do is to convince your friends to opt for the Ghostbusters theme and dress-up as the team of this blockbuster hit movie.

Abby-Erin-Jillian-Patty Costumes

Ghostbusters Movie 2016 Abby-Erin-Jillian-Patty Costumes

If you want to look hot and become the part of Ghostbusters team then this customized Ghostbusters costume for all the females is a must-have for you. This costume is a complete bundle of fun as it also comes with a backpack. Available in brown color with orange strips, this costume is also available in plus sizes.

Kevin Costume

Ghostbusters Movie 2016 Kevin Costume

If you also crave to be a part of the Ghostbusters team and want to accompany the girls on their next ghost hunting mission then this Kevin Costume is going to be suitable for you. Available in two different sizes, this Kevin Costume comes with a Ghostbusters logo and orange strips. The costume package also includes an inflatable back-hanging pack.

Slimer Costume

Ghostbusters Movie 2016 Slimer Costume

If you are going for the Ghostbusters theme then you might have to turn some of the family members into ghosts. This Slimer Costume is available in kids size and will look super-cute on your little bundle of joy.

Stay Puft Costume

Ghostbusters Movie 2016 Stay Puft Costume

If you are unable to find the right costume for your newly born baby then this Stay Puft costume is going to be perfect for him. Available in the form of a swaddle, this costume will keep your baby cozy throughout the Halloween party. Stay Puft costumes for the infants, is considered to be one of the most wanted costumes of the Ghostbusters Movie 2016.

Subway Ghost Mask

Ghostbusters Movie 2016 Subway Ghost Mark

If you want to become the spookiest ghost on the floor then this Subway Ghost mask is going to be the perfect choice for you. With a jumpsuit and bright blue mask, this Halloween will become extremely terrorizing for your friends. Although the mask might seem uncomfortable on the first look but in fact it is quite delicate from the inside.

Rowan Mask

Ghostbusters Movie 2016 Rowan Mark

This Halloween, if you want to bear the powers of a true villain then this Rowan Mask is going to look awesome on you. Completely loaded with horrifying eye-holes and white gnashing teeth, this costume is going to give you chills on the very first glance.

If you think that bearing the total cost of a complete costume might be out of your budget then you can also go for Ghostbusters Movie 2016 accessories.

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