Frozen 2 Costumes: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff

Frozen 2 Costumes

The first Frozen movie was released in 2013 and it achieved world-wide success. It’s the highest grossing animated film of all time, and the fifteenth highest grossing film. It’s also the most sold movie on Blu-ray disc in the United States.

Given its success, it’s no shock that Frozen is getting a sequel which, much to the delight of fans, will hit theaters in November 2019 – and there will be plenty of costumes to portray the characters for Halloween.

The second Frozen film is bringing back all the characters that everyone loved from the first.  This sequel takes place three years after the close of the first movie. The most popular character from the Frozen movies is Elsa.

Kids Elsa Deluxe Costume - Frozen 2
Kids Elsa Deluxe Costume – Frozen 2

She’s a princess who became heir to the throne after her parents were killed. She has magic that allows her to create ice and snow and she tries at first to keep her powers hidden.

She also has the ability to control the elements of ice and snow. The Elsa costume is a brilliant blue floor length dress with sequins on it to make it sparkle like the princess’s dress in the movie.

Womens Elsa Costume - Frozen 2
Womens Elsa Costume – Frozen 2

The sleeves of the dress are sheer and so is the floor length cape. The costume can come with a tiara, blue gloves, and a braided wig. But not all of them do, so you might have to buy some of these items separately.

Elsa’s younger sister Anna became known as a courageous princess when she struck out on her own to find her sister and bring her home. She shares a close bond with Elsa, and has a positive, upbeat attitude in any situation.

Kids Anna Deluxe Costume - Frozen 2
Kids Anna Deluxe Costume – Frozen 2

Anna’s costume is a dress with black bodice and a dark blue skirt. Both the bodice and skirt have pretty green and pink designs. The bodice also has gold trim at the bottom of it.

Womens Anna Costume - Frozen 2
Womens Anna Costume – Frozen 2

The long sleeves of the dress are light blue. The costume comes with a dark pink cape that has gold trim around the edges. Frozen also introduced one of the most lovable sidekicks of any Disney animated movie.

Olaf is a singing snowman who was brought to life unintentionally by Elsa before she realized she had the power to give life to ice and snow. Olaf is very cheerful and helped Anna locate Elsa.

The Olaf costume is a white jumpsuit that has padded overlay. The overlay is designed to look like the bottom snowballs that make up Olaf’s snowman form. It has black felt spots down the front middle to resemble the rocks on Olaf’s body.

It also comes with a headpiece designed to look like Olaf’s face. You can pair the jumpsuit with a long sleeve brown shirt to get the look of Olaf’s arms.While the movie focuses mostly on the females, a popular male character is Kristoff. He works as an iceman and spends most of his time alone. However, after running in Anna, he agrees to help her find Elsa, and the two develop a friendship.The Kristoff costume comes with a black tunic that has gray faux fur on the collar, sleeves, and bottom edge. The belt is red, pink, and purple, designed to look like Kristoff’s from the film. It also comes with a matching black hat and gray boot covers.

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