Favorite Disney Princess Costumes for All Ages

If you grew up watching Disney movies, chances are good that you have a favorite princess. Halloween is an ideal time to show the world your inner princess. Besides, it’s fun playing dress up by wearing pretty clothes.

Not only that, but the princess costume is always a hit for young girls and adults alike. Each costume discussed here comes in both adult and child versions. Relive your favorite fairy tale by dressing up as your absolute favorite.

Princess Elsa and Anna From Frozen

Elsa and Anna Costumes

One of the most popular Halloween costumes for girls is sure to be Princess Elsa and Anna from the hit Disney movie Frozen. The Princess Elsa and Anna costumes are going to be so popular this year is because of the dress. Personally, I think this dress is simply gorgeous. In fact, I will even go as far as to say, the dress Princess Elsa wears in the ice castle is one of the most beautiful dresses Disney has ever released.

Cinderella Costume for Adults and Children

Cinderella Costume

Most of us grew up watching Cinderella. The rags to riches tale is one of the best love stories of all time. Dressing up as Cinderella tells the world that you believe you will find your Prince Charming, no matter what your circumstance is.

Princess Merida from Brave

Merida Costume

Princess Merida is one of the most recent Disney princesses and is quickly becoming a favorite. She has a lot of spunk and represents the independent side in all of us. Besides, how can you not love a princess who rides a horse bareback while shooting her bow and arrow?

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle Costume

What happens when a beautiful girl falls in love with a beast? Well, you’ll have to watch Beauty and the Beast to find out. Belle is so lovable because of her unconditional acceptance of the Beast despite his appearance. This character trait is worth celebrating.

Snow White Princess Costume

Snow White Princess Costume

Snow White is one of the most popular princesses of all time. This story has it all – romance, a great villain, and handsome prince. If Snow White is your favorite, this princess costume is a great choice.

Princess Elena from Elena of Avalor

Princess Elena Costume

The first Latina Disney Princess character was introduced on an episode of Sofia the First show and is now the star of her own series. Elena will dance the night away in her red dress. Now your little girls can too. The Princess Elena costume is popular costume of all ages for this Halloween.

Dressing up as a princess is fun. This Halloween, why not choose one of your favorites as your costume?

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