How to Do the Famous “Vomiting Pumpkin” Scene

OK, I know some of you may not have seen this yet, but it is the most hilarious scene to walk up on while trick or treating. I have seen a few variations and love to see them. It makes my Halloween night complete, so I have decided to share this with you so you, too, can be the most talked about house on Halloween night. Remember, this is something to be done right before trick or treating commences as it will not last longer than a night.

pumpkin pukingBasically the scene is of a medium to large pumpkin this a face carved  with eyes, nose and then a big circle for the mouth. You can carve a circle or an oval horizontally or vertically. There is no light inside this pumpkin, so you need to place it where it will be lit from the outside.

Directly in front of the mouth or down a step if you have it on a deck or a stoop, is the vomit.  This is many time the inside of the pumpkin – the seeds and pulp just as they are, pulled out into a pile in front of the mouth. You can wait to pull tis out after you have placed the pumpkin in its spot for the display as it will be hard to move after. When it is in place, just reach your hand in and pull it mostly all out. It looks grosser if you leave some strings and seeds still spilling out from the inside-Yech!

Another way is to clean the inside all out through the mouth opening. Now go boil up some spaghetti, if you can find spinach spaghetti, so much the better. Again, put this inside the mouth and pull it out for just the right effect. At least you can practice with the spaghetti and redo it if needed. If the spaghetti gets too dry, you may first want to coat it, while still warm with a little petroleum jelly. It gives it just the right shine; you can even tint it red for that gory effect.

Another idea is to have the big pumpkin have little pumpkins in with the vomit. You can use the little tiny Jack Be Little pumpkin gourds they sell during this season. You can also find pumpkin picks at the craft store. They will work, too, so will some Halloween candy mixed in.

How about the big pumpkin puking all over another pumpkin or an object like his tie or a cupcake or something else? What is funny to you? Take a poll when the treat or treaters come to your door, make a game of it, have fun.