Election 2016 Costumes: Political Halloween Costumes

Election 2016 Halloween Costumes – Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, George Washington

Transform into your favorite star or poke fun at the politician you most love to hate for Halloween 2016 with one of our political and famous faces masks. You only have to wear the mask to come into the character. There is no need for the makeup or the wigs. Donne the attire of any of the Political Humor costumes and make your Halloween political.

Hillary Clinton Mask

Hillary Clinton Mask 2016

Want to look like Hillary Clinton? Just put up this hilariously large mask and enjoy the buzz. You won’t have to put on a wig or makeup as these things are already included in the mask. Whether you want to make a political statement or just have fun, this mask is perfect for you to hit at the Halloween. Don`t worry about the material, it`s 100% polyester.

Donald Trump Mask

Donald Trump Mask 2016

Want to get attention at the party? If yes, then go for this Donald Trump mask. You surely will be an attention seeker at the party. No need for the make-up or wig! Simply put on this mask and make your way to the party. Don`t miss the chance to hit at the party.

Bernie Sanders Mask

Bernie Sanders Mask 2016

If you have ever wished to become the Senator of America then this Halloween is your only chance to re-live this wish of yours. Just wear the Bernie Sanders mask and create a stir among your friends. Feel the Bernie Sanders without having to do your hair or wear glasses. You will surely have unlimited fun and enjoy political gossip after wearing this awesome and oversized mask at the Halloween party.

Barack Obama Mask

Barack Obama Mask 2016

Have you ever dream of becoming the president of United States? Well it seems really nice getting the chance to be the commander-in-chief of the biggest nation of this world. If you truly want to feel the unshakable power of an American President then this Barack Obama mask is going to be perfect for you. You just need to put this mask over your head and create some political aura at the Halloween party.

George Washington Mask

George Washington Mask

Of all the Political Humor costumes, if you want to go for the most attractive one then George Washington mask is going to fulfill all of your requirements. With this awesome George Washington mask, his signature white hair and facial features, you will be perfect for any political party or occasion. Just show some moves and styles and become a great leader.

Political Humor Accessories

Political Humor Accessories 2016

We are providing you these costumes at very reasonable prices. Still if you are not able to bear these prices then you can also go for Political Humor accessories such as wigs, masks or dresses.  So don`t waste your money at the high-priced shops.

Visit our website and we will provide you what you need.

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