Descendants 2 Costumes for Girls: Uma, Mal, Evie

Descendants 2 Costumes for Girls

Need a little inspiration for this Halloween? Why not go as a character from the Disney original movie Descendants 2? Halloween costumes do not need to be conventional, and you can practically go as any character you fancy. Get inspiration from this well-thought selection of Descendants 2 Costumes.


Mal steals the limelight in the Disney movie as the leading lady and daughter of Sleeping Beauty’s villain Maleficent. She gets flung into celebrity status as King Ben’s girlfriend., To fit the role, she dyes her hair into a princess-like blonde hue. Mal takes up a befitting character as well to match her new status.

Mal Costume Descendants 2

The transitional stage she goes through makes for a good Mal costume inspiration. Steal her look by going for a high-low regal lavender dress. To crown the look, get a long blonde wig with purple tips. Style the hair in an updo to mirror the look.

However, you can opt for Mal’s signature authoritative head-to-toe purple look. The look includes a tank top, cropped jacket with foam wings, pants, and a single fingerless glove. The costume wouldn’t be complete without a luscious shoulder-length fuchsia wig. Wear the purple hair straight with bangs. Alternatively, wear it with waves, and a bang as Mal does towards the end of the movie.

Finish up the look by getting a Spell Book or portion making bag as accessories.


Evie is the daughter of Snow White’s villain the Evil Queen. Evie is caught up looking for her perfect prince. She is described as the “fairest of them all” in the Isle of the Lost. Evie has pressure from her mother to maintain appearances. She can never leave the house without getting approval from her mother.

Evie Costume Descendants 2

She spots a head full of luscious dark blue hair topped off with a crown. She always has a head-to-toe blue and black look. Evie always has a heart-shaped ruby red pendant. Her signature look features a dark blue cape, a leather skirt with print detailing, and spiderweb leggings. She completes the look with black combat boots. She often wears her hair down and sometimes has some loose curls.

Evie’s is intelligent, and she is very good at Chemistry. Some of her skills include makeup artistry and fashion design. These are things that you can channel into the costume inspiration.


Uma is one of the main antagonists in the Descendants 2 movie. She is Ursula’s daughter and Mal’s archenemy. She leads a crew of motley pirates and with their help assumes reign over the Isle of the Lost.

Uma Costume Descendants 2

Uma’s signature look features a head-to-toe Aqua look. She wears her hair in black and white aqua braids. Her ensemble includes an aqua leather top, a translucent aqua top, and a multicolored blue band-like skirt. She also dons a leather coat featuring gold detailing and shoulder bands. She completes the look with brown boots with shells, pearls, her pirate’s symbolic pin, and sea stars.

She also dons sky-blue painted nails topped off with black finger-less gloves. Some of the other accessories she wears include a black and brown belt, a sky blue bracelet with spike detailing, a sword sheath, and a black band.

With these Descendants 2 costumes selections you are sure to settle for the best Halloween costume this year. Make sure to create authentic looks with Descendants 2 accessories.

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Descendants 2 Costumes for Halloween

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