Colonial Costumes for Girls, Boys, Women & Men

Colonial Costumes

We have a rich and colorful past, our country has gone through many changes since our early Colonial days. Sometimes during Halloween or other events, we want to celebrate our past and what better way to do that then with some fun historical Colonial costumes.

You can dress as a Colonial solider while your sweetheart wears a fancy dress from this that time time period and enjoy a lovely jolly dance together.

These costumes are also great for all ages and will bring out your patriotic spirit when you wear them.

Colonial Costume History

Colonial Costumes date back to the American Revolution when the colonies battled the British in North America to free themselves from the British Empire.
This time period was the birth of America and although the struggle was difficult it gave rise to our great nation.

Adult Pioneer Woman Costume
Adult Pioneer Woman Costume

There were many famous people during this time such as Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and of course George Washington.

When we celebrate this period with Colonial costumes we are thanking our founding fathers for the sacrifices they made so long ago so that we could all enjoy the freedom and prosperity we have today.

Kids Colonial Costumes

The best part about this time period is that there’s so many fun and exciting costumes to wear especially for the children.

Young boys can be Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, or a soldier with a hat and matching accessories.

Boys George Washington Costume
Boys George Washington Costume

The girls can feel pretty with a Colonial style dress complete with a hat from that time period.

Some costumes allow girls to wear a bonnet and an apron just like the women who helped build our country back in those early days.

Girls Prairie Girl Costume
Prairie Girl Costume

Without any doubt you can have a lot of fun with these costumes and they make dressing up for the young ones such an exciting experience.

It can be a great and fun history lesson to for children to learn about our past history they just love dressing up in these old style costumes maybe as some wear a smart looking uniform.

Men’s Costumes

For the man there’s a whole host of fun options when it comes to Colonial costumes. The man can wear more elaborate costumes such as George Washington with a white wig, long jacket, ruffled ruffs, and brass buttons. Course if he also gets his game right he’ll be the talk of the party with the local ladies.

Adult George Washington Costume
Adult George Washington Costume

There are plenty of accessories to wear such as fancy hats, or gloves. You’ll find fun soldier uniforms such as a general and if he’s the daring type he can even be on the other side of the field with a red coat which makes a superb costume and also a hit with the ladies or if not look dashing next to his wife.

Women’s Costumes

For the lady the selection for Colonial costumes is quite impressive and she is sure to find something special to wear for Halloween or any other occasions the lady may need to attend.

Women can wear a long skirt, a ruffled blouse, and a white wig and go to the royal ball with style.

Pilgrim Woman Costume
Pilgrim Woman Costume

Women can also dress up in fun bonnets or go as a pilgrim girl.

The number of hats and wig options is sure to keep any women busy for some time especially for those women who like and enjoy to make the costume look just right.

Quick Colonial Costume Tip

Be sure you check and get the proper sizes for your costumes if buying for the whole family and the accessories as it can really make these other pieces really stand out.

Women's Martha Washington Costume
Women’s Martha Washington Costume

For example go for the hats, gloves, fun wigs and plastic pieces such as a sword or a pistol but swords are my of course my favorite.

Make your Colonial costume part of dressing up for Halloween or anytime you want to celebrate the birth of our great nation i would suggest getting one of these while they stand out so if your getting a colonial costume or sitting on the fence thinking its never been a better time to get one.

Colonial Costumes

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