Beauty and The Beast Halloween Costumes

Beauty and The Beast 2017 Halloween Costumes

Only a small percentage of people do not like the Beauty and the Beast movie. The rest of the population can watch the film many times without getting bored. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that people would want to flaunt Beauty and the Beast costumes to feel like they were the original cast members.

Beauty and the Beast

A classic film, it is probably one of the most anticipated movies in 2017. Set in the Rococo era in France where an enchantress disguises herself as a beggar. She arrives at a ball with a rose that she gives the host who is a cold hearted prince.

Belle Village Dress Classic Girls Costume

He declines the rose and is transformed into a beast. His servants are not spared either as they become household objects.  The enchantress also erases the memories of the castle from their relatives and friends.

She casts a spell on the rose and says that the curse will only be lifted if the prince learns to love genuinely.


Belle Village Dress Deluxe Women's Costume

The star of the show is a beautiful lady who dreams of adventures and ignores advances from an arrogant ex-soldier. Her father gets lost because the prince captures him for stealing a rose. Belle takes it upon herself to go and look for him.

She finds her dad locked in a dungeon in the place and begs the beast to let her take his place of which he agrees. Belle becomes friends with the servants who throw her a magnificent dinner. One day while wandering into the forbidden west wing, she comes across the rose.

Women's Belle Ball Gown Prestige Costume

To rock Belle’s outfit ladies can either go for a ball gown or a village perfect girl’s costume.

The Beast

Beast Men's Costume from Beauty and the Beast 2017

The beast gets angry at her and chases her into the woods where wolves corner her. The creature rescues Belle even he gets hurt in the process.

They develop a friendship as she nurses his wounds. The creature opens up and shows Belle a gift from the enchantress which is a book that takes people anywhere they would like to be. She is impressed and used it to go back to Paris her childhood home where she uncovers a plague doctor mask. Belle realizes that she and her father were forced to flee after her mum passed on because of the plague.

The beast can come alive with one of the Beauty and the Beast 2017 costumes where all a guy needs are fancy pants and coat combination with a molded terrifying mask.


Gaston Costume from Beauty and the Beast 2017

Gaston still wants to win over Belle and marry her. She makes a proposal to the dad, but he sees through the ulterior motives and declines the offer. Angry, he leaves Belle’s father to the wolves and manages to send him to an asylum. Belle learns of this and tries to save him, but they are both captured.

At this time Gaston wants to kill the beast who is too depressed to fight back. However, Belle and her dad escape and make their way to the castle after realizing that she is in love. Seeing her makes the beast fight back, but unfortunately, Gaston shoots him at a bridge. It collapses but the enchantress reverses the curse, and the animal becomes a handsome prince that Belle Marries.

Re-act the Beauty and the Beast movie by getting incredible Halloween costumes that are likely to be the talk of your neighborhood for a long time.

Beauty and The Beast Halloween Costumes

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