Baywatch Costume Ideas for Men & Women 2019

Baywatch Costume Ideas 2019

Who doesn’t love a chilled out day at the beach? Add in a bunch of good-looking lifeguards on duty to save the day, and you have the highly comical flick Baywatch. With Dwayne Johnson as Mitch Buchannon and Zac Efron as Matt Brody, the movie definitely leaves the ladies with smiles on their faces! There is something for the fellas as well; a bevy of beauties and an R-rated storyline.

Either way, every adult out there can get Halloween inspiration from these Baywatch costumes.

Women’s Baywatch Swimsuit Costume

The Baywatch women do leave tongues wagging with their drop dead gorgeous looks and irresistible swimsuits. For that lady looking to flaunt her assets and turn up the heat this Halloween, give one of the Baywatch women’s swimsuits a try.

Women's Baywatch Swimsuit

One option is to don a sleek long-sleeved, red swimsuit complete with a mid-length zipper running down the front. Throw on a pair of sunnies to accessorize the look.

Adult Women’s Baywatch Costume

Details matter when dressing up as a character from Baywatch this Halloween. For the lady who wants a more demure yet stunning costume choice, try out a red bodysuit paired with red shorts.

Adult Women's Baywatch Costume

Accessorize the look with a Lanyard and a functioning lifeguard’s whistle dangling from it. This costume choice tells everyone that the lifeguard on duty just checked in!

Men’s Baywatch Costume

The Baywatch men leave a lasting impression with their hunky looks and swanky demeanor. To match it all, they spot some equally eye-catching costume options.

Men's Baywatch Costume

One option is to go for the laid-back yet stylish men’s red and blue colored shorts paired with a matching long-sleeved jacket. Throw on a pair of sunglasses to accessorize the look.

Men’s Baywatch Muscles Costume

Now, few men can actually recreate the Dwayne Johnson look from the movie. The Dwayne look rides on having that perfect beach body with some ripped muscles to show off. You could either start pumping some iron now or take the short way with a hilarious muscle costume.

Men's Baywatch Muscles Costume

The muscle shirt and short pairing will undoubtedly make you stand out. Remember to wear the costume authoritatively. After all, you are the leader of a lifeguard crew on a mission to stop drug trafficking operations!

Ride-On Shark Adult Costume

A day at the beach is not complete without swimming away from the sharks? Well, as scary a thought as it is to imagine riding on a shark! Anything is possible, and you can bring this idea to reality with a Ride-On shark Baywatch-inspired Halloween costume.

Ride-On Shark Adult Costume

If anything, this costume will get you points for thinking out of the box. The ladies might just swoon around you, because who doesn’t love the hero that can ride on a shark? So get a pull-on ride-on shark pants costume to show off your shark subduing skills.

With the Baywatch costumes, you can undoubtedly stand out this Halloween. Go as authentic as possible with the best costumes inspired by the movie and a lifeguard attitude to top it off. Don’t get carried away because the Baywatch costumes can get you the look but they won’t make you a lifeguard automatically!

Baywatch Costume Ideas: Lifeguard Costumes

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