Annabelle 2 Creation Halloween Costume

Annabelle 2 Creation Halloween Costume

Halloween is all about embracing superstitions and the mysteries of the supernatural world. The Samhain Celtic festival that is believed to have been where the celebrations originated saw people donning costumes to keep roaming ghosts away. What better way to honor the roots of the holiday that going with Annabelle 2 Creation costumes?

Annabelle 2 Costume

Let’s face it; most people, adults, want to dress up as villains during Halloween. It is easy to run out of costume ideas, but there is always room to think out of the box. Annabelle might be the new villain to take over Halloween costumes.

Annabelle 2 Costume

Annabelle Creations, a highly regarded spinoff of The Conjuring, tells the story of how the Raggedy Ann doll became possessed. We first get acquainted with Annabelle in The Conjuring where her heinous presence cannot be ignored. It is no wonder that she got her own movie sequel after that.

Annabelle 2 Creation takes us a decade back before Annabelle came to be. The Mullins, a family of toy makers, lost their daughter Annabelle to a fatal car crash. The family then goes into isolation and barricade Annabelle’s room with a doll inside it.

Annabelle Creation Costume

With the hope to change things around, the Mullins take in orphaned girls and a nun. Soon, one of the girls discovered the locked up room and opened it. Annabelle comes to life through the doll, and it sets off a series of terrifying events.

Dressing up as Annabelle is not that difficult, but it requires some attention to detail. Annabelle’s costume consists of a long, white silk dress with a red trim belt around the waist. Go the full mile and pair the look with the best doll-like shoes you can get. In the movie, we do not get to see much of Annabelle’s shoes and don’t quite know what type she wears. Mary Jane shoes would suit the look, but you can pretty much wear any type of shoes you like. Add some detail to it by wearing white socks or tights.

Raggedy Ann Doll Costume

Alternatively, you can go for a Raggedy Ann dress to recreate the look. The Raggedy Ann look works best for a couple that wants matching outfits.

The detail of the Annabelle costume lies in the makeup and hair. Get a blonde wig styled with bangs and two pigtails for the look. Don’t forget to tie two red ribbons on each ponytail to complete the look. When it comes to the face look, you could try out some makeup to achieve the eerie doll face. An alternative is to go for an Annabelle mask to for an accurate recreation of the look.

Annabelle Mask with Wig
Annabelle Mask with Wig

Do not spare any details and take some time to try out some creative makeup effects. Create some cracks on your arms for that authentic vintage doll look.

Remember that Halloween is all about bringing out your spooky side. There is no better way to turn on the spook this Halloween than with Annabelle 2 costumes. Annabelle is undoubtedly an excellent villain choice for the woman who wants a scary and impressive Halloween costume rolled up in one.

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