Angry Birds Movie Costumes: Red, Chuck, Bomb, Leonard Pig

Angry Birds Movie Costumes

Angry Birds Movie Costumes – Angry Birds Movie Halloween Costumes

You might be well aware of the most famous games of all the times called Angry Birds. It has been played on PC`s and gaming consoles. A lot of users are addicted to this game. According to the recent survey Angry Birds is the most downloaded game of all the times. If you are one of its regular player and has a desire to wear some of its costumes then don`t go for high prices at the costume shops.

Red Costume

Angry Birds Red Costume 2016

Red is a male character so you can make your little boy this Red costume to turn his Halloween into a fun-filled event. Having two red feathers on top of head piece and two black eyebrows, this costume is just adorable. This costume also possess three stunning tail feathers, two sleepy looking maroon eye bags, and two adorable maroon spots on either side of its face. The beak is yellow and there are beige feathers attached on the chest. It will be a perfect costume for young boys.

Chuck Costume

Angry Birds Chuck Costume 2016

Unlike the other angry bird characters, Chuck is a cone shaped, with a mop of black head feathers and red eyebrows. The costume of Chuck possesses feathers on the head piece just like Red. Chuck’s beak is also large and it also possesses large black feathers on its back. If you want to display an arrogant type of personality, then this character will suit you a lot.

Bomb Costume

Angry Birds Bomb Costume 2016

This costume is round, has thick red eyebrows, and has a feather on its head with a yellow bursting top. The feathers surrounding Bomb’s eyes and stomach are grey, while the rest of its body is black. Bomb Costume is available in two pieces including headpiece and a romper. If you want to display a strong personality then this is the costume that you are searching for.

Leonard Pig Costume

Angry Birds Leonard Pig Costume 2016

Available for both kids and adults Leonard costumes appear as a green pig. With dark green thick brows and a full beard, this costume is really unique. This costume is available in various sizes and types. You can get the jumpsuit costume or you can just get the head piece to add charm to your Halloween looks. If you want to look a bit funky on this Halloween then this costume will suit you a lot.

Angry Birds Accessories

Angry Birds Accessories

If you don’t have enough money in your pockets to purchase the entire costume then you can also go for the Angry Birds T-shirts or head pieces. Angry Birds accessories are attractive enough to turn your Halloween into the most memorable Halloween of your life.

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