Alternatives to pumpkin carving

You may not want to deal with the mess of pumpkin carving you may want to use your pumpkin for pie after Halloween. Maybe your children are too little to be carving pumpkins yet. Whatever the reason, you need an alternative to cutting up your pumpkin. Well nowadays you are in luck as there are many choices.

pumpkin faceYou can buy pumpkin face stickers to decorate your pumpkin. These are fun for your little one and also come in apple size, too. You can spend time decorating today and if you want you can decorate your pumpkin again tomorrow. The face stickers usually come with a few different pieces like eyebrows, mustaches, ears, eyes, etc, and can fill in the time for finicky toddlers who can’t wait for trick or treating to get here. I would buy my pumpkin within a week of Halloween because it will not keep indoors for longer than that. It is meant to be kept outside or at least in a cool area, but that is hard to do with a young child who might like to enjoy his creation in the same room he is in.

Another way to decorate your pumpkin is by painting it, Use acrylic paint if it will be displayed outside or tempera paint if it will be staying inside. Both of these paints stain so you might as well get your little one all dolled up in an apron and rubber gloves and have a day of it! If possible, do this outside. If your child will be wearing a light coat, you might want to use the old garbage bag with head and arm holes cut out so you can just pitch it when you are done. This is a onetime deal for your pumpkin, so do this close to Halloween. Think ahead of where you will put the pumpkin to dry so the place is ready before hand.

Still another way is to use washable markers for indoor pumpkins or permanent markers for outdoor pumpkins. I would do the apron and glove thing again, make it an event for your child! Washable markers have the advantage if being able to redo your design tomorrow, but the disadvantage of robbing ff on little damp hands and transferring to the sofa. Again, think about where you will display your pumpkin-out of reach inside is a great place for your sanity, and put it somewhere your little one can admire it.pie pumpkins

Since you are not cutting up your pumpkin, if you are planning on baking a pie, you can now buy one of the “pie pumpkins” that are sweeter and more tender than the average pumpkin. Carving pumpkins are bred for size and shape, whereas eating pumpkins are bred for sugar and tenderness of the flesh. They are not stringy and tough to cut. Remember to cut up your pumpkin the day after Halloween and steam the flesh. Then you can maje a pie right away or freeze the cooked pulp for your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.