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Zootopia Costumes: Zootopia Halloween Costumes

Zootopia Costumes

Zootopia Costumes: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps

Embark on the adventure of civilized animal kingdom with the help of these cute Zootopia Costumes. Everybody loves the thrill of adventurous Halloween, so why not try it in Zootopia style. Dressing up your little ones in these Zootopia customized costumes is going to create never-ending fun at your Halloween party.

Nick Wilde Costume

Nick Wilde Costume
Nick Wilde Costume

Whether you want to dress your kid in Zootopia themed costume or you want to be a Zootopia character yourself; this Nick Wilde Costume is going to soar you to the heights of fun-world. You and your spouse can dress up as Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps and create some Zootopia adventure for your kids on the eve of Halloween. Available in three different pieces, this costume comes with a shirt, pants and a headpiece. The shirt also has a tie attached with it while the pants bear the tail of Nick Wilde. The headpiece of Nick Wilde is really adorable and will provide your Halloween attire with a cozy, sleepy look. This costume is currently available in three different sizes.

Judy Hopps Costume

Judy Hopps Costume
Judy Hopps Costume

If you want your little girlie to grow into a strong, ambitious and career-oriented woman then instantly get a Judy Hopps costume  for her and let her understand the importance of these traits. Judy Hopps has proved to be a symbol of women empowerment in the animated adventure of Zootopia. Dressing up your doll as Judy Hopps will make her determined about her future and she will vow to bring a change to this world. You little girl will look super-cute in this adorable bunny costume. Available in two different pieces, this costume consists of a blue jumpsuit and a sweet-looking bunny head. The fabric used in the jumpsuit and the headpiece is extremely delicate so it won’t irritate the delicate skin of your doll.

This costume is available at affordable rates and you can easily find it in three different sizes.

Zootopia Accessories

Zootopia Accessories 2016

If purchasing the complete Nick Wilde or Judy Hopps costumes is way out of your budget then you can also enjoy the spirit of Zootopia by going for these Zootopia accessories. You can easily get Zootopia bowler hat, a fuzzy cap, a character beanie or a zootopia character headpiece to spice up your simple Halloween look.

So if don’t have any plans for Halloween 2018 yet then go for Zootopia theme and enjoy an adventurous trip to this city of animals.

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