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Superhero Costumes for Girls 2019

Superhero Costumes for Girls 2019

Girls love to dress up as superheroes as much as boys do. You can find a huge selection for girls of any age to wear their favorite superhero’s costume this Halloween.

One of the most popular superhero outfits for girls this year is Wonder Woman.

Following the widely successful movie based on this character, girls began clamoring for the red, blue, and gold costume. This can be bought as either a jumpsuit or as a shirt and skirt separate piece.

DC Superhero Girls Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume
Girls Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume

The jumpsuit has a red shirt with white sleeves. The blue pants are attached, and they have white stars running down the side of the legs. Some jumpsuits include the gold headpiece with the red star in the middle.

Others can include her lasso. The colors may vary depending on where you buy the costume at. The shirt and skirt have the same design, but the skirt is dotted with several stars instead of only a few, like you’ll see on the pants.

Kids Wonder Woman Costume
Kids Wonder Woman Costume

It has a gold belt and a red shirt with the Wonder Woman W initial on the front. The different costume styles can also include her gauntlets in either silver or gold, and a red cape.

Some also include her red and white striped leg warmers. If the costume you get doesn’t come with these accessories, you can find them sold separately. Supergirl is another popular choice for girls and there is a lot of variety with these costumes as well.

Kids Supergirl Costumes
Kids Supergirl Costumes

Some come in the standard red and blue, while others are black and pink. The shirts come with the famous S emblem on them. Some costumes include a short red cape. The costumes may also include high red boots with gold tops, and a removable gold belt.

Another superhero costume with some variety in the designs is Batwoman. Since her introduction to the DC Comics world in the 60s, she’s been a much loved character. The costume can come in the standard black jumpsuit with the gold bat on the front.

DC Batwoman Girls Costumes
Batwoman Girls Costumes

Some costumes include a matching gold belt and gloves. It can also come with the bat mask and cape. The DC universe introduced Spider-girl in the 90s. This costume can be found as a red and blue jumpsuit.

It matches the Spiderman jumpsuit costume, although it comes with a simple eye mask instead of a full face mask. It can also be bought as a dress with a full skirt. The costume may be found in pink and black, with a black eye mask.

Catwoman Girls Costumes
Catwoman Girls Costumes

Another fun superhero costume girls love is Catwoman. This character has been in several comics as well as movies and is considered to be a love interest of Batman.

You can get her costume as a black jumpsuit. It can come with an eye mask and belt. Some also include cat ears and boot covers, but some don’t.

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