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Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween Decoration Ideas – If you love Halloween, you most likely love putting up vast amounts of Halloween decorations. Perhaps you just want to keep up with the Joneses. Or perhaps there’s a competition in your street for the best decorated house. Whatever your reason, here are a few ideas to help you create the ultimate Halloween spirit.

Pumpkins. As cliché as they may be, can you really celebrate All Hallow’s Eve without at least one carved pumpkin? You can find hundreds, if not thousands, of different design templates online to carve pumpkins like a pro. Not that good with a knife? Whip out some paint, magic markers, glue, candy, bows,… and use these to create a truly unique pumpkin. You won’t be able to add the lighting effect, though.

Bag of Skeleton Bones
Bag of Skeleton Bones

Turn your front yard into a graveyard. Set up some polyfoam tombstones, dump a bag of skeleton bones nearby and don’t forget a set of zombie arms, rising from the ground. Oh, and you know those pink yard flamingos? There’s a scary skeleton variation available. This will be extra funny if you put up the original pink ornaments a couple of weeks before you take out the Halloween decorations. Add a graveyard fence to make the picture complete.

Halloween Inflatable Tree with GhostsInflatable Halloween decorations seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year. Some are up to 6 feet high. A major benefit of this type of decoration is that it’s easy to set up, take down and store for next year. A huge black cat that moves it’s head, a spooky tree with ghosts and pumpkins or an 11 foot long carriage with a grim reaper are just a few of your options.

Inside the house, you can create a little apothecary like nook. Gather dried leaves and twigs, print old looking labels or use stamps and put them on bottles and jars, add a couple of old looking boxes, tweezers and scissors. Complete the display with a skull and maybe a few smaller bones, a fake spider and some black fabric. Depending on what the skull is made of, drip some candle wax on it and add a couple of nearly burned out candles.

Decorate your bathroom, Psycho style. Order bloody hand and/or foot print stickers. Some even come with blood spatter. Around the shower, or bath tub if you don’t have a shower, add the prints to the wall and some of the splatter on the floor. You can also buy a shower curtain with bloody hand prints and blood streaks.

Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Curtain
Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Curtain

Further indoor decorations can entail skeletons, ghosts, witches, broomsticks, cobwebs with spiders and lanterns. For safety reasons, consider using LED candles instead of real ones. Some are remote controlled which will add to the fun because you can then turn the lights off at the appropriate time.

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